My Wish List…

Have been trying since long to sit down and a make a wish list of 30 things that I want/wish to get/do in life.
I thought maybe 30 is a big number and I might not have as many things that I wanted to do/get. But, I guess, I had underestimated my greedy self. 😉
So here goes my list (in no particular order).

1) Read, read ,read and finish all those great classics that I have been wanting to read since forever but haven’t been getting any time.
2) Write and get my novel published someday.
3) Join a NGO. Not for the heck of it. But seriously, to be able to make a difference to people’s lives.
4) Take up a course in English Literature and Psychology.
5) Write a film script…someday..!!!!
6) Be a anybody from assistant director to a spotboy….just to be a part of a film’s shoot from Day 1 till the end. It takes a LOT of effort of a LOT of people to make a 2-3 hr film.
7) Learn photography (atleast the basics)
8) Learn a handful (or should I say mouthful..!!!) of foreign languages
9) To go around the world. To be able to get to know different cultures and religions and traditions.
10) Adopt atleast 1 kid.
11) To get rid of my fears and be able to sleep peacefully at night
12) Learn cooking and make a 6 course meal, atleast 1 day in my life.
13) Exercise and get in shape (This should definitely be at the top of my list..!!!!)
14) To be a good human being, ALWAYS, above anything else.
15) Learn to control my anger, and say ‘I Love You’ more often to people who matter.
16) Learn Swimming
17) Join dance classes, to learn dancing and to keep in shape.
18) Learn to drive a car.
19) Learn to change a flat tyre.
20) Buy my own house and have an all-white decor (Its something that I have wanted since forever!!!)
21) Own a library in the house
22) To meet Margaret Mitchell (Author of my fav book: Gone with the Wind). I would love to kiss her hands which wrote such a masterpiece amid personal disaster and crisis.
23) Keep the love alive in my marriage (it might be difficult, but not Impossible)
24) Be an orator someday, maybe even a guest lecturer (For the sole love of talking 😛 )
25) To visit inmates at Tihar Jail and Arthur Road Jail and talk to them about their experiences.
26) Be a celebrity talk show host
27) Have kids someday and raise them to be good human beings
28) Go trekking in the Himalyas
29) Always have the will to help anyone in need.
30) Act in a movie.(I think I have a very underrated actor within me…) 😉

I will keep ticking out things as and when they happen. Its not strictly a 30 before 30 list. But, what the heck. I am gonna be 30 all my life. So I got my whole life to accomplish these. Ummm….I think 31 should be at the top..!!!
Ciao guys until next time and keep smiling.