Website review : Collegedunia !

Do you remember the chaotic time just before our college admissions? I am sure each one of us have lots of stories to tell about that time. There was not much information available online at that time. The only way to know about colleges and their cut offs was either word of mouth or a visit to the college or our newspapers. Everyday was a day of more anxiety and confusion. Would we get past the cut off? If we did, is the college really that good? What is their placement percentage? A ticking clock and tons of unanswered questions.

I recently came to know about this new website Collegedunia.  Pretty much like a education shopping mall. One stop centre for all your college queries. The website was launched last month and provides information of up to 15000 colleges and universities across India. They claim to take that number to 30000 by the end of this year. Good news for all college aspirants out there.

The website is pretty clean in navigation. On the top, you can see all the verticals they provide information about like Engineering, Medical, MBA, Law, Arts, Science etc. Once you select your vertical, you can see a list of all the hundreds of colleges catering to it. You can further boil down to your choice by selecting your preferred city, state and course Information from the left side menu. You can also click on the college to get a lot of details like courses offered, their duration, the fee structure, hostel facilities etc. Phew! I don’t think you would have any questions that this website won’t answer!

Collegedunia looks like a promising upcoming education portal for students and parents alike. You can also follow their blog for latest news on colleges and admission procedures. If you have something to say, do go to the college link and give out a review others can benefit from. If you have nothing to say and are impressed with this information, do share it on your social media. You won’t know who you end up helping!

CarConnect – A one stop shop Car Mall !

Do you love cars?
Do you love technology?
Do you know that there is something that combines these two? Something I am sure you will love.


This is a website that literally “has it all

Navigation is super easy. You can login through your Facebook account and make a profile.
Later, you have loads of information at your click to explore. You can find your virtual friends here who share your passion for cars. You have the luxury of sharing your experiences and reading about others’.

There are “Car News” and “New Launches” sections that I am sure, will ring a bell with all car enthusiasts. I can vouch for this as the husband is a car fanatic. He knows all the specifications of all the latest cars in the market. What better than a “one stop shop” to find this information?

Not only it comes in super handy when you are looking out for new cars to buy, but also when you are looking out for information on the already launched cars.

But the one feature that totally “seals it” for me is the “Compare Cars” section.

You can select any brand, and it’s model and variants and compare it with any other car of another make. I tried this feature and it said the comaprison PDF would be mailed within 48 hours. I think, some instant information would be even better. What do you think?

I think CarConnect is a website that is nothing short of a Car Mall experience for people who have a passion for cars. It not only helps you to keep updated with the latest trends and news in the automobile industry, it will help you a great deal while you decide to buy a car. Not only you get all specification and features reviewed, you also get some “real” reviews and experiences to help you make a better decision. Do check it out!

Sponsored review :| The loot is on !

I think online shopping has emerged as the biggest announcement on the virtual arena after the advent of Internet. it has caught the whole “shopping” phenomenon by the ear and completely turned it about..isn’t it?

Which of us is really new to the funda of buying stuff online? From a  hair pin to clothes to shoes to makeup to furniture to vegetables.You name it and you have got it online. Add to that, you have got sale season and super saver packs to save a little more too.
So what if I told you about a website that hosts Discount Coupons from all the leading websites that you can think of, and on all the products that one can buy online.
Ladies and Gentlemen presenting to you,

, an online website that hosts information on discount coupons on brand and products from all over the world, just for you. 

Leading websites that you can buy from


Leading brands at your disposal
For instance, you can check out these

Coupon codes of Myntra


You can claim the coupons from the website which look like this. Just select the coupon code and use it while making the online payment.

You can also submit coupons easily through a form places at the right side of the home page. It takes only a day to get updated, after it’s validity has been checked.
Do you know that they also accept payments from all the leading banks of the country?
Tell me, can online shopping get any better than this?
Do check out the website. You can leave a comment


You can also check out their latest updates on Social media via


, and 



Also, after you have made your purchase, you can come back and thank me for introducing you to this awesomeness 😉

My shopping experience at !

Smart phones and online shopping have been almost a god-sent for me ever since I have become a mother. When you have an infant dependent on you 24×7, there is no time for shopping, even for the basic stuff one needs from time to time. So I, the kind of person who always accessed websites on the laptop because phone didn’t seem to do justice to the layout, turned an entirely smart phone person. Because there was never a good time to open the laptop. So I have been ordering all my baby stuff from the baby websites. Of late, I also wanted to order some essentials for myself. A search on Google and I landed on the Jabong website.

I know everybody has heard of it, but I had never shopped from there. Because you know, until then I was a go-to-market-buy-stuff person. So I decided to try out Jabong with a few things I needed and test the waters. I have to say that it was one of the best shopping experiences for me because of a few reasons:
1) lots of verticals and a lot of variety on each
2) great offers on apparel and cosmetics
3) super fast delivery

The stuff I ordered came exactly 1 day later. Neatly packaged and delivered. Want to know what all I ordered?
Let the pics do the talking.

That’s my package : sealed and delivered in time


Each piece packed individually


“Berry” and “mango pie” flavored lip gel from Maybelline


Kajal, “feisty fuschia” nail enamel and the Re.1 tangerine eye liner all from Maybelline

Only after placing the order did I realize I had ordered all Maybelline stuff 🙂

I got the “mango pie” lip gel from Maybelline at a reduced price under some offer.

When I checked out my order, my bill was 499/- , and the system automatically added a Maybelline eye liner to my cart. My first reaction was to remove it, for obvious reasons. But just then I saw my bill was 500/-

That’s when I realized the “tangerine” Maybelline eye liner, originally priced at Rs. 225/-  was being offered at just Re. 1. Needless to say, I lapped it up. Isn’t the website great? I would have surely missed the offer if the website hadn’t added it to my cart.

You can buy jewellery, bags, and cosmetics from major brands like Lakme, Loreal, Maybelline, VLCC etc. and even do price comparisons and get what you need at your price all under one roof. Too good to be true, eh?

They also have gift card options and cash-on-delivery. And a 30-day return policy!!!

In all, I am a very satisfied customer of the company. No complaints so far, whatsoever.

You can also connect with them on Facebook here.