Tzinga – The 5 hour charge!

What is that one thing that you need the most once you get married?
My answer: Energy (and not for The reason that you are thinking with that naughty smile on your face)! πŸ˜›
After all, being married, more so for a working girl, is all about channelizing energy into juggling your responsibilities between office and home, doing the laundry, dishes, cooking and the list goes on.
Last year, when I got married, it was all hunky dory initially. Setting up our own love nest was a dream come true. But the nightmare that ensued was like the little writing that comes below the advertisements (*Terms and Conditions apply*) that I had failed to read. Getting up early was never my scene. And that


and I worked in diagonally opposite corners of NCR (National Capital Region), meant I had to get up early to serve him breakfast, at least! But how long can a romance last in wake of so much opposition (read: getting up early, work in the day and do the home stuff in the evening, and then sleeping late into the night)? I had no time to exercise and I was gaining weight. I had no extra time or energy to spend in the gym. I was irritated and cranky and felt guilty at times!

The other day, we had another of those promotional events in our office, and I halfheartedly went along with my colleagues to find out about what it was this time. These guys were handing out free samples of a new energy drink called Tzinga. Weird name I thought! I hadn’t heard of it, and so thought of giving it a chance. I tried the Mango Strawberry flavor, and found it to be really tasty. In the past, the only association I had with energy drinks was with Red Bull, and I hated it when I drank it. It was so hard and bitter. This one tasted more like fruit juice with a tingly after taste. You can actually feel a different flavor once you have gulped it down.

And so, I decided to try the Tropical Trip and Lemon Mint flavors too. I found Tropical Trip equally good, with a blend of fruity flavors and it was difficult deciding what fruit/ flavor it actually was. But Lemon Mint completely took the cake for me. I was bowled over by its taste. It had such a subtle lemony taste, and as it goes down, you feel an after taste of mint which is oh-so-lovely and refreshing. I finished the whole bottle before mouthing my verdict. What else does one need on a hot summer afternoon?  πŸ™‚
Mango Strawberry and Tropical Trip are drinks that you would essentially like to have after your gym/aerobics class, as it’s very energizing and gives you the feel of taking a fruit juice. But Lemon Mint is The One for me. Anytime, anywhere. Feeling low on energy or coming home in the hot afternoon, I know what I am reaching out to after getting home.
Happy with my free ‘drinks’, I went back a happy woman, ready to face my challenges at home. And when I finished all my chores more enthusiastically than the other days, both


and I noticed the change.


joked that maybe ‘free’ things did turn me on. We laughed about it but it actually got me thinking. I had merely had it because it tasted nice and had not even bothered to acknowledge the fact that it was primarily an energy drink. So I immediately googled it up and found that Hector Beverages was venturing in the Beverage Market armed with


in three flavors. They have a

FB fan page

with some very interesting doodles too.

And while the curious me was trying to find out more about this brand, I came across some very interesting facts about this start up and their product, its brand placement in the beverage market and it’s USP. It is priced at a very economical 20 bucks, as compared to an average 75 bucks for a can of energy drink. Besides the other normal stuff like Caffeine and Taurine found in energy drinks across, which boost physical and mental performance, it also contains Ginseng which is anti-oxidant (good news ladies! Anti aging properties you see!) and apparently an aphrodisiac! ahem..well…
The home maker me is very impressed! Very economical, equally tasty and really effective. I am all thumbs up for this new drink.
Do try it once and let me know if you like it too!
Until the next time , be happy, energetic and spread the love..
PS: Please read the ingredients at the back of the bottle before trying it, in case you are allergic to some stuff. This is purely my personal opinion about the product and may/may not match with your views. But either ways, I would love to hear back from you. πŸ™‚