The First 50….

I had planned on doing a special 50th post…but because of being so busy and all that, completely forgot about it. And as I was just browsing through my own blog, found that I have already published my 50th post. *Sigh* But better late than never…

In a real off mood right now. Sometimes I just feel I could have CCTV cameras installed everywhere I couldn’t be. Relying on people for info can be so dangerous. Everyone has their own perspective and it’s so difficult to decide who to believe and who not.
The worst part is everyone is so sure. :-(((

Am sad and clueless. Need to figure out a lot of things. Sorry guys for such a depressing post. But this one’s just for myself. But I will be back! and SOON! U guys take care until then….

Really really tired after a long day at office.
It was my new year resolution to imprint my thoughts on paper, atleast vitually.
But like all New Year resolutions, this too has been added in the ever growing list of the resolutions that I have not lived upto. So I decided to torture myself with a vella post like this :-), so that I feel ashamed of seeing this on my blog and i write atleast SOMETHING sensible. Hope this works.

Until then
Cheers !!!!