What Fun! With Indiblogger and Pantene Nature Fusion!

After a super successful, and immensely entertaining meet the last time, I would have to be absolutely nuts to not attend the Indiblogger meet organised by Pantene Nature Fusion on Oct 14, 2012 at the ITC Sheraton, New Delhi. The address of the meet itself was tempting enough as I attended the last 2 meets at the much modest Park Hotel, CP. Sheraton was well….Sheraton. I entered the hotel, and there was this huge foyer with a dramatic set of stairs from both sides crawling upwards to the first floor. I was guided very graciously to the ballroom for the meet.

I landed there to find the ballroom decorated in very soothing colors and matching the product theme – White and Green. As always, I registered and proceeded to look around for any known faces. But this time, the registration came with a free hair spa for all the ladies! Can you beat that?! I jumped with joy and sat down at the nearest table. Slowly and steadily the room started filling with people I had never met, people I had seen around on other meets, some people who I had met on the last meet and are now friends. We greeted, we hugged and generally made a lot of noise! 😉

The white board with the graffiti

We ooh-ed and aah-ed at the amazing choice of the venue and proceeded to fill the white boards with colors and graffiti. And then we settled down to actually start with the event! Ya, we had all that fun even before the event actually started. Anup welcomed us with an explosive activity. Quite literally! Everybody present had a balloon and a tooth-pick. We had to burst others’ balloons and safeguard ours simultaneously. You can quite imagine how that room must have looked like with ladies ranging from 13 to 63 years, running around with balloons in hand and poking others, even as the room buzzed with shrieks from the ladies and “phut, phut” as one more balloon would go kaput.

Yours truly was one of the winners in the game and got a surprise gift. *Pats self on the back*

The balloon game winners on the stage


With my gift!

There was another activity that followed wherein every team had to make a “mummy” out of a lady by rolling her in toilet paper and giving a message put for what it stood. I couldn’t participate in that one, as I was busy getting my spa done. I heard it was pretty interesting 🙂

And finally, it was time for some very interesting Introductions or “30 seconds to fame”, as Indiblogger likes to call it. Everybody had to introduce themselves and their blog and what they write and why they write. And  that was to be followed by a tangy, spicy tongue twister with an emoticon that you had to say with the right emotions. Some real tongue-in-cheek humor there. 😉 My twister was really catchy and I was overjoyed to find this on the Twitter roll just as I finished saying it.

Yeah! Indi meets are pretty cool this way!

It was already lunch time and we were all hungry after those super energetic games we played. We treated ourselves to a sumptuous  lunch and proceeded for the next round of events. And then, it was time for business.

Lais Koelle (a beautiful Brazilian lady) had flown down from Singapore to apprise us of the new Pantene Nature Fusion. She gave us a lot of dough on what the new product was about, its unique element and proceeded to take any number of questions from us. The all-new Pantene Nature Fusion uses Cassia (the state flower of Kerala! I bet you didn’t know that!) that protects hair and makes them bouncy and voluminous. Can’t wait to try the beautiful hampers Pantene gave us as parting gifts :-))

Dats Lais from Pantene!

The last activity was something related to the product that we were talking about. Each of the 8 teams were given vases of different shapes and sizes, flowers and foliage and a unique element like bubble wrap, green mat, ribbons etc. We had to make out bouquets and use our unique element in an errr….unique way (;-)) and also create a chant using some key words. Of course, the best team won (it wasn’t us) and here’s our team pic singing the slogan and the bouquet we made. Be nice and tell me that it’s good 🙂

Ladies at work!


And singing the carol..

Last but not the least, we had Yashodhara Lal (of the Just Married, Please Excuse fame) gave us a low down on how we can see our dreams turn into reality and get ourselves published. She was also sweet enough to sign copies of her book and pose with fame struck bloggers like us.

And like all blogger meets, I happen to recognize some blogger who I follow religiously and this time I found The Cyber Nag (also known as Zephyr or belan waali aunty). She was a very sweet lady and I just babbled something when I met her and I hope she didn’t think I really talk like that. 😛 😉

A fellow blogger Atula Gupta came up and said she was an avid reader and really liked my blog. My my. Now that was a real high to end the day with!
In all, it was a Sunday well spent with lots of energy, fun, masti and goodies. Thank you so much Indiblogger and Pantene for taking care of us and pampering us. Looking forward to the next one already! 😉