W worthy of Worth!

There are some relationships that are absolutely worthy of every feeling you have felt while being in them. Be it love, anger, anxiety, suspicion or plain hatred. Friendship is one such.

I have often shared my feelings about my besties N and S in this space. I have had numerous fights with them over the years, but we also go back at least 10 years or more. They are as good as family. They know where I come from, my thought process, my triumphs and my weaknesses. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that I would feel completely lost without them.

But today I want to write about my gang of friends who worked with me in my last organisation. I don’t agree that it was coincidence that brought us together. We all must have been related somehow in our last birth. We were destined to meet in this birth. And so, the huge gang of us, from all possible corners of the country Delhi, Harayana, Kolkata, Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai and Hyderabad met in the organisation we all worked in back then. We hit it off instantly. When we all would get together, there would nothing be but laughter and more laughter until our cheeks hurt or we had tears running down our eyes. And our night outs were legendary. We would all gather at anyone’s place without any agenda as to what we would do that night. But every single time, the night would fall short, but not our session of leg pulling, dancing and making merry.

Slowly things changed. People left. People got married. Some went onsite. Today most of us are in different organisations and in different locations as well. But we try to keep in touch through Facebook and Whatsapp. Of course, the chemistry is no where near what it used to be. But last night, suddenly it was decided to connect via video chat. So at a very short notice, 5 of us, did. Two from US, one from Dublin, another one from Bangalore and yours truly. The one hour that we spent laughing last night brought back all those memories. The best part is, whenever we talk, how much ever time may have passed in between, we can always just pick up from there and move on. Most of us have gotten married now. Some of us have had babies, like yours truly, some are on the way and others will have, in the future. I realize how far we have come. And yet, nothing seems to have changed.

All of us make new friends all the time. But not all friendships stand the test of time. And so this post is dedicated to all my “Freakos” (as we like to call ourselves) who are fun, who are mad, who are there and who are not there. We have had an amazing journey so far. No matter what happens tomorrow, I want to tell you guys how amazing you all are. A big big thank you for making this life worthwhile with your presence and your infectious energy and your support 🙂

This relationship is worthy of all the super things I have ever felt when I am with you guys! Jai Ho Freakos!

That’s almost all of us! 😀