Is Old Really Gold ??

Last weekend was as lucky as nerve-wrecking. H’s (my hubby) car met with a severe accident. The car looks like old crumpled paper, like a broken toy. Our first car. But then….jaan hai to jahaan hai. Uske upar baki sab kuch kurbaan h.
H is safe, without so much as a scratch whereas the car was reduced to this.

After this, its V2.1 for him as well. Sigh. Hope that the worst is over for both of us. Even though after marriage, you can never be too sure *wink*
Well, happened to watch the new show “India’s Most Desirable” that airs on Star World. Another celebrity talk show. But the USP of the show was promised to be Simi Grewal. But, boy, was I thoroughly disappointed. The lady in white has turned black-and-white. Even though she was as charming as ever, the talk show lacked something. I still cannot put a finger at that something, even though she was trying her best to bring out SOMETHING that viewers didn’t know about Ranbir Kapoor(I watched that episode) before.
And the most irritating part was RK’s mom Neetu Kapoor’s views on some questions that had been pre-recorded and were being played on a huge screen after Ranbir had answered those questions. OK. I get it that your son means the world to you and he is the apple of your eye and whatever. But please..can you spare us the PDA please? I was thoroughly sickened by her unequivocal response to every question, “Ranbir is a very sensitive guy. I haven’t seen many men like him who are so sensitive and caring. Aajkal ki ladkiyaan don’t understand guys like him”. Ya right.!!!
Madam…will you please make so much of an effort as to remove the rose tinted glasses through which you seem to be viewing your son from. Huh..!!! At one point, even Ranbir was so embarrassed that he apologized to the audience saying that it his Mother’s Love and he really wasn’t that good a guy…!!! Thank god for that. I was beginning to hate that plastic grin pasted on his face throughout.
After watching KoffeeWithKaran, this one surely was a thanda show for me. To counter Karan’s rapid fire questions, Simi Aunty played a nagging GF to Ranbir so that they come to know his girl handling capabilities. And the audience opinion of the stars portrayed by Karan in each episode was countered by live questions from the audience in the show. The girls in the audience were so convincingly drooling over him. And asking some stupid questions. There was one interesting question though. “Is infidelity mental or physical?”, to which Ranbir replied “Physical”. Hahaha. The punjabi gora chitta munda, the isshmarrt ass Kapoor finally gave himself away with that answer. All his ex-flames must be clucking….finally the truth from the horses’ mouth..!!!!
And in the end, as if that torture wasn’t enough, Simi aunty gives a huge trophy to the guests for bearing with her. Aarghhh… much for the old adage “Old is Gold”. Disappointed Simi Aunty…BIG Time..!!!!