The (in)famous silence and all……….

Sorry for the cheesy title………but that’s the best that I could come up with. 😉
BTW, does anyone remember this dialouge and the movie ???
My two cents on “TSH” (The Silent Treatment) !!
TSH is a strange phenomena that occurs in women and has to be borne by millions of men around the world. When a woman is mad at her man over something that she considers her birth right, the man is subjected to TSH. The man stands a chance of one in ten to come out of it alive. You think that’s exaggeration? Even I think it is…The truth is: the man doesn’t stand any chance, AT ALL. 😉
Men seldom realize what’s coming their way when an innocent question is met with a terse reply, “No, I am fine !!”. Ideally, the man should have his ears up and be ready to face a blizzard. This is the quintessential “peace before the storm”.
But if the man doesn’t take the hint, TSH is going to continue and the peace will give way to rumbling clouds. Quite literally….!!!! And longer TSH means graver consequences. Somebody please send an SOS to God on the poor man’s behalf..!!!
Because what you have done is not only irked the lady, but also committed the henious crime of accepting her “I am fine” routine. You are expected to know the difference between when she is actually fine and when, well….she is mad as hell and doesn’t want to speak to you.
The man in question goes over the happenings in rewind mode…till whenever and whatever he manages to remember. He scratches his head, mulls over, tries to pacify the lady to get her to spill the beans, then goes back to mulling and scratching his head again.
The lady is furthur infuriated by his repeated attempts to ask her the “wrong” in question. The man is alomost there. Like standing in front of a ready-to-blast cannon. Face to face. Like standing with his head rammed between Undertaker’s legs. And then, once more, when the question of wrong is hurtled at the woman, the cannon is fired. Undertaker squeezes his legs. The lady blurts out, “Why are you aksing me again and again? If you don’t know why I am upset, then you don’t deserve to know”. Ouch!
The man has his head blasted and his skull cracked. And he still doesn’t have any clue.
With the last remnants of hope and courage left in him, he still prods and mulls and scratches and shortlists a few “maybe this is why she is mad” scenarios.
The last vestige of good sense prevails and he decides against “discussing” the scenarios. And instead, he holds his lady in a tight embrace (against the struggle) and whispers a romantic Sorry. The lady immediately melts down, cries her eyes out (because she was SO hurt!!!) and hugs him back.
The man has still no clue about why all this happened……
PS: This post is solely dedicated to


for his perseverance and tolerance for me over the years….And also because I know he would love to read about his plight shared on a global platform and being publicly acknowledged. LOL.