F?@K KNOWS – Book Review

Title: F?@K KNOWS
Language: English
Author: Shailendra Singh
Genre: Non fiction/Self help
Publisher: Rupa Publications
Price: Rs. 195
Pages: 256

It’s not really a self-help book. And yet it is. That depends on whether you require one or not. This book is author’s Shailendra Singh’s one of many dreams which  he wanted to realise but never had the time. And this dawns upon him when his father loses a long battle with cancer, and he himself has a near fatal heart attack.

An excerpt from the book:

What do you want from life?
Are you on the right track?
Are you truly happy?
Find the answers to life’s most important questions with the help of uber-successful entrepreneur, Shailendra Singh, co-founder of Percept and Inceptor of Sunburn, told with sparkling, flavorful and in-your-face humor, the book will advise you on how to:
Find yourself (because you’re probably lost, admit it)
Follow youe heart (because if you don’t, then you’ll be unhappy, you stupid f?#kr)
Achieve your goals (you know you want to)
Live life like you give a f?#k(because why not)
The author is a super successful businessman and entrepreneur and has literally BTDT (Been there, Done That!). He did a lot of things that he was told to do, and not because he wanted to do them. He listened to his gut and yet ignored it. That is, until, everything that he did it for, his father passed away leaving him to question his existence, his goals and his aim in life.
What I liked about the book :
The book is a very heart felt epilouge from the author. He puts forth his ideals, thoughts and ideas from I, me, myself to life’s philosophies, from taking care of your body to the idiosyncrasies of love and sex, on why greed is good to making your bucket list. The man covers it all, and more under this book. Which should give you a fair idea that the book is written in very simple language and does not use any hi-fi fundas. It moves quite fast and dwells on a topic just enough to give you a clear picture about it. But what you do in your life still depends on your own actions/decisions. And on top of all that, he does make a lot of sense.
What I didn’t like about the book:

It’s very preachy in tone, although, as I said before, the contents and style of writing is easy to read and understand and makes a lot of sense.You can count on the latter, because how much ever I tried, I couldn’t/didn’t put the book down of the fear of missing some important anecdote from the book. Plus the fact that the writer has so much going for him, made me pay attention to his words 😛

Overall, I’d say its a good book. Not in the literary sense. But content wise, the book is a winner. It gives you (almost) all of life’s fundas in a nutshell. And if you are confused (as most of us are) you will definitely find a lot of answers in here. And a direction in which to head if you are completely clueless.

My rating 2.5/5

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