The AIB Roast’s Roast !

I smiled, I laughed, then I guffawed, then I went Hawww…and then I rolled some more with laughter. Before the AIB roast video had been released on YouTube, AIB had released a small trailer video to advertise that the real thing would be screened on YouTube on the 28th of the month. I eagerly waited for the day, put the little one to sleep and watched the entire thing in a go. A week later, mayhem of sorts has ensued on my FB timeline. Apparently, I have come to know I am no sanskari Indian girl !

Apart from the fact that every second guys out there, and mind you, all you sophisticated holding-white-collar jobs too, leer at girls on the road, calling out the choicest ma-behen ki gaalis and can go on to say “it’s all in fun, yaar”! But when actually somebody does it for fun, you have a problem?

There must be some reason why our national capital is called the Rape capital. I wish you could first do something about that too. Infact, wait a minute! Don’t even DO something yet. The next time there is a rape case, I will applaud you only if you
a) Don’t blame the girl
b) Don’t blame her clothes/time of day or night/choice of friends she was hanging out with
c) Don’t cover up for the accused saying “ladkon se galti ho jaati h”

There. I said it. Too un-sanskari,eh?

I completely understand when people say that we are hypocrites because we detest ma-behen ki gaalis but enjoy them when the Bollywood celebs used them on the Roast. First thing, they didn’t use it on any of us. There were two consenting adults there who knew they would be subjected to this and they agreed. There was an audience who again were consenting (I say this because they each paid 4K for the show).

Secondly, if you have a problem with the whole gaali business, irrespective of who it was used on, take this. The Roast was released on YouTube, not screened on National TV on prime time where your minor children could have watched it. You had an option to not watch it. Even if you did click on the link, it categorically mentioned that if “you are one of those who get offended, you should leave right now!” So you had to be consenting too to subject yourself to that humor. I think it is pretty much like the Porn site business. Everybody knows it’s out there. There is discretion attached to watch those videos. Those who fancy the stuff, watch it. For those who don’t, don’t.

But no, you can sit in the Parliament and watch porn, but if somebody decides to have some fun by calling each other BC MC, you call it a porn show and threaten action. I also heard there were racist remarks (they called AIB member Ashish Shakya black) on the show. So, Even though you call the North East people immigrants, you call them chinki and you racially discriminate against them, you are SO not racist. You are sanskari Indians. You’d rather do everything chupke-chupke, deny that porn or BC-MC exists, but will happily be a jerk or jerk off to anything that resembles a female anatomy. And yet, when Raghu Ram mentions a part of female anatomy in Hindi, you collectively go hawwwwwwwww.

Pretty much like the kindergarteners going “Shame shame puppy shame…”.

I can only say “Grow up!”

PS: A huge thumbs up to Karan Johar, Ranveer Singh, Arjun Kapoor for daring to take this up. To have the balls to be up there, and have every shred of dignity and that celebrated cloak of stardom shredded. And a special mention of the girls Deepika Padukone, Sonakshi Sinha and Alia Bhatt who got roasted just being in the audience and were very sporty about it all. What these guys did is what we need to do exactly – lighten up and laugh at our own selves for our eccentricities.