A comeback (of sorts) !

I have been away from this space for far too long this time. But, for a change, I didn’t miss it all that much. The horrors! But you guys have been kind enough to visit the blog every now and then and even make do with the older posts.

I haven’t really been in good health over the last couple of months and hence, the dry phase. For nothing do they say, “Health is Wealth”. My health was not good and I was in no mood to write. The earth was still revolving at the same speed, people were still being a****es around me and there was s**t flying all over. In short, everything was just the way it was, but it was I who was not comprehending it and the mind wasn’t processing it. Not making an opinion about it. Even if it did, I didn’t have words and thoughts tumbling out of my fingers and keyboard like the way it is. Always. Like right now. I often tell this to H and he doesn’t quite believe it. I don’t write write, if you know what I mean. I have to write because the haywire thoughts shooting across my brain at supersonic speeds have to be put on paper and let out. Otherwise they would just coagulate and I would start talking to myself. Weird?

It rained today and as always, I just had to write. It makes me so cheerful, so happy. And then the thoughts begin to flow again. The words begin to tumble again. I started missing this space. I knew I had to write  🙂

Leaving you with two of my older “rainy day” posts to enjoy!
When the rain was raining!
Weather greens and blues!

Expect me back sooner this time!

PS: While I was away and recovering, the dear blog was listed in the Directory of Best Indian Blogs. You can see the proud little icon on the right hand side bar. Yayy to that!

While I yawn…..

I am completely spaced out right now. Into my own.
There is a deafening silence around me. The sound of punching keys brings a sense of comfort. That I am not all alone in this. And that I am in office stirs a little chord in my guilty conscience. But then, I am just sprinkling a little water on a candle that has been lit from both ends. That shouldn’t hurt so much, right?

It feels like the lull before the storm. A list of festivities are queued up for the month. We start with Ram Navmi, Dusshera, follow it up with Karvachauth (my first) a week later, and then, Diwali. The month then ends with my nephew’s birthday and the next month brings in mom’s. I am already mentally tired running here and there, doing the mammoth preparations. Add to it the daily routine of coming to office and going back and looking after the house.

And add to it, the search for a home that H and I intend to buy in the near future and a car that we want to sell off and eventually buy a new one again. And then this dreaded ‘Recession’ sword hanging on our necks that can come down on us, anytime. It just makes taking a decision so much more difficult.
And then add to it, the mental notes of taking a parlor appointment, getting my bangles and saris in place for the coming festivals and not forgetting to get my hands henna-ed in time.
And then, have to call up the tailor to take the measurements and get the new curtains and sofa covers ready in time. Woof!
I think that’s that!
So people, while I yawn and may look like the most lazy person around,  just whiling away my time, I have more than enough on my hands to take care of.
And amidst all that, it just slipped my mind to mention that I got a load to finish before leaving office. *Sigh*

What’s in a name?

Well….lots if u ask me. Being the bearer of a unique name has its advantages as well as short-comings. I can vouch for it because of my name. Since school I have always kind of got extra attention from new teachers beacuse of my unique name. Most of the people could not pronounce it correctly. As for the others, they always joked about it and asked me what it meant. My name has two weirdly different meanings with no connection to each other watsoever. One has its resemblances with my favorite subjet mathematics. Ghata means ‘minus’ and so people lovingly call me “loss”. The other meaning is what my name actually means. It refers to the black rain carrying clouds. And because of a popular stupid bollywood song, people call me “saawan ki ghata” or irritate me with “hata saawan ki ghata”. Hmmph.
Anyways, but a good name definitely lets people remember you for a longer time. But there are people who use it. Yeah..you got that right. How can somebody use my name to his/her advantage? Lots of guys in college and even after used to strike a conversation with, “You have a very beautiful name. Just like you.” Ggrrrrr…..Had enough of those times. Makes me LOL now.
And the worse nuisances are when people mispronounce your name in a grotesque manner. How can you pronounce Ghata as “gaatha” or “gadhaa” or “gaddha”. EMBARASSING times in school and college. Later on, I made it a point to speak out my name before the teacher even attempted any unintended mockery of me and my name in class.
Well, other than the special attention that your name gets you, you also get to create email IDs without any illogical 01 and 02 appended to your name. Yes, you can check my email ID as well as my blog name. 🙂 That web space definitely makes you feel special.
William Shakespeare said,”What’s in a name?” “Lots of fond memories and unique experiences”,I say.

Ciao until the next time.

The psycho on loose…..

Last evening, I was walking inside the housing society where my home is. As I was walking past an array of cars, I heard the roar of an engine. The car which was 10 yards ahead and left to me, roared to life. It was a big Tata Sumo. But the strange part was that the car was still covered in its grey cover. I was really puzzled as to why would someone sit inside the car and start it with the cover still on. With these thoughts, I moved forward. Again I was jolted out of my thoughts as the car driver was putting his foot down on the accelerator and braking at the same time. This time I grew frightened. Was this some psycho person on loose? No sane man would ever start his car and accelearte and  brake with the car cover all over it, including the front glass. What was even more strange was the fact that a security guard was sitting in a chair right in front of the car. And he was sitting without a worry in the world. In my mind, I was petrified that if this psycho person did not brake in time, he wass going to mow down this poor fellow. I wanted to go over and warn the guard, but somehow decided against it. It was very disturbing to see him sitting there ever so nonchalantly. Isn’t he supposed to be on the look out for such maniacs? Anyways, I tried to brush away these thoughts but the accelerating and braking continued. My heart beat was up a little and by this time I had crossed the car.
Just to make sure the security guard was fine, I turned around to have a last look at him.And what I saw was….well….I have no words to express. Behind the car was the society fence and furthur beind it, was a small clean up truck that was stuck in a puddle and the driver was constantly accelerating and braking to come out of it. I smiled at my stupid imaginative self, and how much trauma I had caused myself over those few minutes. In short, I felt like I was the psycho on loose… :-))

God’s Inception !!!!

The world is a stage. And we all are puppets playing our respective roles.
But when we stage a play, doesn’t it become a play inside a play? And when we stage a play inside a play, doesn’t it become a third level Inception for God?
Doesn’t he ever get confused with so much so nonsense that goes on in and around our lives?
Or is it that this whole world is merely God’s dream ?
And the supposed after life is nothing , but when you die in this dream and are alive in the next one. And somehow you remember some nonsense of your past life.
And I think the day ‘THE’ catastrophe comes(supposedly 2012) and we all die….God will wake up with a jerk saying… “oohh….now that was scary!!!! “