A comeback (of sorts) !

I have been away from this space for far too long this time. But, for a change, I didn’t miss it all that much. The horrors! But you guys have been kind enough to visit the blog every now and then and even make do with the older posts.

I haven’t really been in good health over the last couple of months and hence, the dry phase. For nothing do they say, “Health is Wealth”. My health was not good and I was in no mood to write. The earth was still revolving at the same speed, people were still being a****es around me and there was s**t flying all over. In short, everything was just the way it was, but it was I who was not comprehending it and the mind wasn’t processing it. Not making an opinion about it. Even if it did, I didn’t have words and thoughts tumbling out of my fingers and keyboard like the way it is. Always. Like right now. I often tell this to H and he doesn’t quite believe it. I don’t write write, if you know what I mean. I have to write because the haywire thoughts shooting across my brain at supersonic speeds have to be put on paper and let out. Otherwise they would just coagulate and I would start talking to myself. Weird?

It rained today and as always, I just had to write. It makes me so cheerful, so happy. And then the thoughts begin to flow again. The words begin to tumble again. I started missing this space. I knew I had to write  🙂

Leaving you with two of my older “rainy day” posts to enjoy!
When the rain was raining!
Weather greens and blues!

Expect me back sooner this time!

PS: While I was away and recovering, the dear blog was listed in the Directory of Best Indian Blogs. You can see the proud little icon on the right hand side bar. Yayy to that!

Just another day in my life….when the rain was raining….

Sitting by the window side with a cup of hot tea in hand, I am sure I made a photogenic sight. He came down and sat beside me. One look at me and he knew that I was in one of  ‘those’ moods. Don’t let your horses run wild!! By ‘those’, he meant my philosophical side. And this time, instead of I going into a maze of questions ranging from ‘Does God really exist?’, ‘Why do people have to die?’, ‘What can I do for the country and society?’, he threw a bouncer at me. He said, “Dear, why do people turn philosophical whenever it rains?”.

Boy, now that was a question worth pondering. I am sure all of us have turned philosphical, saintly, spiritual, gone into just one of ‘those’ moods whenever it rains.
What followed was a friendly banter between H and me……..

H: I know, you are in one of your ‘those’ moods today.

I: (smiling) Which one?

H: (trying to mimick me)”Does God really exist?”

I: (sticking out my tongue) Ya. So??? You got any problem with that?

H: No, but I was wondering why you do that whenever it rains. Is there a dictum in the Gita that says that you can make ONLY hay while the sun shimes and spirituality has to wait for a rainy day??

I: (chukling) hahahah…ummm…I don’t know, really, but I do have to give it to you for a good observation.

H: Chalo, finally I got my due recognition. But answer my question first.

I: Even though water falling from the skies is something all of us have seen childhood, but it still seems like a mystery. God’s mystery. I think that is the reason I instantly start talking and thinking about God.

H: Oh my God….Can you like, really stop being so philosophical?? That’s such a sad answer.

I: So you want an interesting answer to your question even if that may not be true??

H: Ya (LOLing)

I: Umm….then I would say its because peacocks dance only when it rains.

H: Hahaha..You know what? That’s because frogs trr trrr only when it rains.

I: (beating him with pillows) You are soo mean.

And then, H scooped me up in his strong arms and we were out in the balcony. Soaking in the rain together.
H: Why do people open their umbrellas on a rainy day when they been praying for the rain for a long time?
I: Dear, why do you always turn philosophical whenever it rains? 😛