Happiness … on land and in water….

And so, after the

fiasco last time

, a lot of precautions were taken this time around ( read: the balcony was left for the mommy pigeon to play around) and the pigeon pair is back in our balcony. And not once but twice over. One pair hatched a week ago, and one just yesterday morning. You have just got to see those little pink fluffies to believe how small they can really be. They are yet to open their eyes, and are still being kept warm by their respective mothers, and in the same way before the eggs hatched. I don’t know how the kids are eating though, because I haven’t seen them eat at all. Even when the mommies go out to eat, the kids just lie still, or poke each other which is the cutest part, because they can’t see and just move their heads randomly. 

Check these pics out. And please pardon me for the quality of these pics. These have been taken very conspicuously with my phone camera because I didn’t want the possessive mommies attacking me for fooling around with their babies!!!

The week old babies
The possessive mother hanging around!


The just born “pink”babies
And on a totally unrelated note, it was my

nephew S

‘s birthday two weeks back and we got him this. 

S’s b’day gift: A fish bowl 🙂

It’s got 4 beautiful fishes. (4 seems to be our lucky number these days ;-))

S is thrilled to have these. And loves feeding them because they run around the most at that time. They almost come to the surface to grab the food and generally run around a lot inside the bowl. But apparently, S didn’t like what we had named the fishes. I don’t blame him though. He’s too young to understand the humor.

One of the four is black and the most active in the group. So we named him Che Guevara for his revolutionary behavior.
The second one is silver, very pretty and lady like and prances around smoothly like a belly dancer. We call her Simi Garewal.
The third is orange colored with a bold black mark right on the forehead which looks a crop of black hair. He is called baba Ramdev for he matches the saffron robe and black hair seamlessly.
The fourth is completely orange in color and we call him Tango Charlie.

Since S didn’t like the names mentioned above, he’s decided to give them uncomplicated but rhyming names.
The black and white pair is called Honey & Money, while the orange colored pair is Top & Hop. Simplicity!!!!

We are yet to name our pigeon babies. Would love to hear back from you guys on any name suggestions before our babies fly the coop 😉

Also, it’s our babies’ first Diwali tomorrow. And like every year, this year too, we won’t be bursting any crackers because we don’t want to scare the poor things. I hope you will do the same for all the new born and old people around who can’t take the loud sound and have difficulty in breathing because of all the smoke and pollution in the air. 

Celebrate Diwali in its righteous spirit with lots of sweets, smiles, friends and family. Have fun. Spread the happiness and take care.

The Pigeon pair that went kaput..!!

That I am not much of a religious person is known. But how I could feel God one day, all around me, is a story.

It all started with a pigeon laying a pair of eggs in our balcony, when we were away for a couple of days. Now this is not something that hasn’t happened before. Although it was a bit of a discomfort as the ‘nest’ was right above the water drain and we couldn’t use the washing machine for the fear of eggs getting damp and dead. This continued for a good two weeks, before we started running out of clothes. And I had no choice but to use the area.

We decided to shift the nest and eggs into a shoe box while the pigeon was away. The pigeon with its button-like eyes couldn’t so much as make out and kept searching for its eggs near the water drain. Somewhere inside, I felt bad for all the trepidation it was going through to find its eggs, but somehow I was sure that it would not give up until it found them. And voila….it did! After a few anxious moments, I came back to the window and found the pigeon back AND inside the box, cuddling its eggs. Was I moved? You bet I was.

That day, I realized that God does have a vision. It’s just that we aren’t able to gauge the boundaries of that vision and sometimes, just give up too soon. I had moved the pigeon’s eggs to a safer place, but it had to make an extra effort to keep the faith and discover it. The opportunities, sometimes even better than those we can think of or dream about, exist so closely and silently about us, but we fail to discover them.

That day I thought, “Had I played God to that pigeon, by expanding it horizons and giving it a better opportunity to be warm and safe?” I was not sure. But slowly I realized that the pigeon was very comfortable with me hanging around the box, and didn’t flutter threateningly to keep me at bay. May be I had given him Some faith. Maybe. And I felt strangely happy.

But My God had some completely different plans, and some ulterior motives as well. The maid arrived home, and she tried to shoo the pigeon away, unaware of that fact that the box had eggs inside it. In the confusion that ensued, the pigeon started fluttering and the box fell down. Both the eggs were broken. The amber-golden liquid that would have some days later translated into a quintessential (hopefully) pigeon pair, lay scattered about in an almost grotesque way. I almost cried and then thought about the pigeon. The maid, sensing my mood, cleaned up everything soon enough.

I moved about the house doing the chores, and thinking about the poor pigeon. Its eggs, subsequent kids. It must be so heartbroken. And I could not, so much as, even say a kind word or two to it. And then I remembered the whole I-played-God-to-the-pigeon thing. I just laughed at my foolishness, and tried to shoo the theory away. But my cynical self summarized that sometimes, even God can make mistakes. 😉
I did feel naive and queasy with that theory, but then, better sense prevailed.

And I concluded that may be this is the time when God wants us to keep our faith in Him, and understand that may be there was a reason as to why this happened. And I am sure, that reason is around me, very near. I just have to look for it, with full sincerity. I haven’t figured it out for the pigeon yet, but I believe it happened for good.

PS: <my cynical self surfacing again> Do you really  think God can Never make mistakes?