Isn’t Normal Extraordinary??

For each new parent, their child is like a new universe. Needless to say, their life revolves around it, but also everything the child does is exotic and out of the world. Their first smile, first coos, first word, first step and the list goes on. But truth be told, our universe follows a pattern, the sun, the moon, our planet and everyone else. And so do babies. More or less. Have you ever discoverd that whenever 2 or more new parents meet, their conversation automatically steers towards their babies and how their babies and what they do is just so unlike any kid they have seen 😉 In this age of competition, no one wants to be left behind. Children start pretty young. As young as days old.

The other day, I was going through a post in one of the parenting websites I access. A new mother, pretty much like us, was going on about how her son was extraordinary. I knew what she getting at and wasn’t going to read till the end but somehow I did. She had taken all possible care during her pregnancy and even later, when her son was born. At 11 months, her “extraordinary” son was showing early signs of autism. Needless to say, she and her family were devastated. And apart from the general horror of the news, it just got me thinking, isn’t Normal Extraordinary??

I am so glad my daughter does normal stuff kids her age do. And this is a lesson for all possessive and competitive parents to understand and appreciate the beauty of being normal. When little S grows up, as difficult as it may sound, I will try to be happy about her average grades rather than pining for the extraordinary. Or pushing her to get something that I want and probably she doesn’t.

Here is a prayer for all the “special ” children this world has : may God and your parents give you enough strength and courage to achieve your dreams and let you live a respectful life. And for all the other “normal” kids, do your best. Either way, you are the center of universe of your parents’ life.