The comeback!

For the first time since its inception I have been away from the blog for so long. The usual reasons were that H was travelling on and off and I had to take care of the little one and office and the works. But the main reason was that there was/is too much noise on social media about everything. One person makes one comment and the whole country erupts into war. I mean, how one can call themselves intolerant when they don’t let someone voice their opinion. And so, I used the “Silence is golden” route for these past few months. I didn’t want to be just “one more voice” in the melee. I didn’t want to talk when no one was listening.

In the meanwhile, I read a lot of good books. Didn’t write any reviews. Hardly watched any movies. Moved into a new home. Our own home 🙂 Spent quite some time on the décor and shifting. And now that we have been in this house for almost 2 weeks, I feel settled. Coming back to the blog after almost 3 months feels new. But I did want to make the “comeback” before the year ended, because I really really like doing the year roundup blog post. It puts a lot of things into perspective and it is there that I can see what worked for me in this year and what needs to be taken more seriously. It is therapeutic as well as encouraging. So there.

Also, the little one celebrated her 2nd birthday this month. I don’t have enough words to tell you how naughty she is or how much she can talk. But given that her mother does the same, I can’t really complain right? I do regret not writing about her all these months because a months down the line I would have forgotten these precious little nuggets. So of course, I will write a separate post about her soon.

I have just finished reading “The Bestseller She Wrote” by Ravi Subramanian. Review coming up soon.
This old attic (blog) is finally getting dusted and getting ready for the festive season. Until then, stay tuned. Be good. Do good. Ciao.