Home Alone…

As I lie in bed trying to sleep, my sub-conscious (let’s just call it SC) reminds me that I am alone in the house today. ALL ALONE. The fear starts creeping back in. I had, with all my might, pushed it out of me, myself and my system. But it makes its way as stealthily as a snake creeps inside unseen holes, like water seeps through invisible cracks. I remind myself to not drink too much water, for obvious reasons. I would be too afraid to venture out of the room at night. But my throat is dry at the thought of the long night that lies ahead of me. Maybe I should forget all this and try to catch those precious forty winks.But SC is playing games with me. It is reminding me of all those spooky horror stories that I have long forgotten. Does that scare me? To be frank….Yes. I am scared to the bare skin of my soul.
I have started surfing the net. All that meets my eye is what SC wants. I see Live Die Blood Love Care Ghosts. I hope you get the drift. Hmm…The AC just tripped and I skipped a heartbeat. Some strange noise outside that goes like ‘thak, thak, thak’. What to do? I am feeling hungry also. Kitchen is a dangerous place to be at night. All those night dwelling creatures decide to make their presence known on the Red Carpet. And when the tube light flickers to a start, they think it’s the shutterbugs. I can see them posing right now. :-)) Seriously funny!!!!
This reminds me of a funny incident. Once on a similar night, I was so frightened that I had mistaken an egg for…..what….why can’t I remember?? Let me think….hmm…I think I wanted a cookie and was trying to crack an egg instead. Oohhh…how horrified I had been on seeing that cracked egg in my hand. I was sure it was the satan’s doing. And once my little nephew was so petrified that he let himself loose with the commode cover still over the seat. LOL
*YAWN*  I am really sleepy now. SSShhhh…”speaking in a hushed tone” Just made a maamu of SC with all those stories. He’s still engrossed in them. Finally I can enjoy a peaceful sleep.
The clock strikes twelve. SC is dead asleep, and so am I. Well, almost.