An ode to 2017..

Saying that this year was life changing for me, would be an understatement. The year started with us planning a trip to Thailand for our 6th wedding anniversary. It was a great vacation, with beach visits and lots of family time. 3 months later, H was packing off to US. Goodbyes are never easy. And it is always a difficult time with S, missing him and being totally uncooperative.But in the middle of that life, I got an opportunity to visit Leh with my parents, while the grandparents babysat lil S. Leh trip, as expected, was incredible. We traveled from one mountainous region to another, braving hot sun, rain, and even snowfall. It is one place where the pictures don’t do any justice. The panoramic view is something that you take in and remember. You can’t ever capture the magnanimity of the landscape.

But the cake for change has to be, our move to this country, that I am now trying to call home. I have gone over this decision a thousand times in my head, and each time I came out convinced that it was wrong. I love my country, my city, with all it’s fallacies. I didn’t want to move here. Leaving behind my job, my financial independence, my parents, and friends. To start a new life. All over again.
But then, who said, Life was fair. H convinced me that it was best for our daughter who was really struggling with the pollution levels in NCR. And thankfully has been doing great health wise, ever since we landed here.

There are some things that you can never prepare yourself for. Like, being at home, tending to the house and cooking all day, without a “job”. So here I am, with a lot of time which I am utilizing to watch all the movies I missed owing to the “job”. Life is definitely coming a full circle, right? I am also finding it really difficult to maintain a routine because, you guessed it, no job. The first month was miserable with a feeling of listlessness and total loss of control. Slowly, I am beginning to really enjoy all this spare time and revel in being totally aimless. Until it’s time to get back to the real world.

And finally, I am slowly conquering my fear of cooking. I have never had any interest in cooking, and always made sure to avoid it. In fact, during my 3 year stay in Bangalore, I never took up a flat because that would require maintaining a kitchen. And so I always stayed put in a PG where a maid cooked for us. The maid arrangement continued after our marriage until…now. Never say never, right? After I moved here, I have been cooking at least 3 hot meals a day. I even managed to bake cookies which, if I may add, turned out quite yummy.

Home made cookies, anyone?

The way life has been throwing curve balls at us every year, I am quite convinced that I don’t really need any New Year Resolutions. I should just learn to swim with the flow, and learn the lessons along the way. How about that for a New Year Resolution? 🙂

A year that was….

I look back at the year gone by. And unlike all the years gone by, atleast for this one I cannot say that it passed by before I said Happy New Year ’11.  Majorly because I got married this year.
That year started on a hugely contemplative note, as I was full of anxities, fear, joy and excitement on my impending marriage with H. It was a dream about to come true. And that dream is still as beautiful. Just that no place for any anxities or fear. I have lived and enjoyed every moment with H, ever since fate and destiny joined us together. And gained a lot of love weight too!
There have been a number of vacations, disasters, surprises, the first-fasts, fights and romance. A high-on-spirit year hands down!

And after years of lying dormant in my head or in my Drafts folder, my stories and thoughts finally found a place in the blog and, much to my surprise, struck a chord or two with some real good writers too. I was praised and flattered and awarded and not to forget, the brickbats too followed me everywhere. I want the latter to be there, always, to keep a lzay bum like me on my toes. ;-))

2011 was iconic for reasons galore, even though I am most likely to forget everything else over the years, except that I got marrried (the sadist that I am!).

Team India finally won the World Cup after 28 long years (for Indians, that is as good as 28 light years :-P).

Team Anna jolted out every section of the Indian society outof its slumber and it’s indifferent attitude towards the country. It was an awakening of sorts, that will definitely go down in the NCERT History books someday. And someday, I can see myself weaving melodramatic stories of that revolution, for my kids, telling them how it felt to be a part of something that big.

Some real stalwarts like Steve Jobs (CEO, Apple), Bhupen Hazarika, Nawab Pataudi, M.F. Hussian, Jagjeet Singh left this world a lot poorer in 2012.

And finally Beti B was ushered out of her mother’s womb and into the love and care of a million Indians. A relief that India could finally stop acting pregnant. ;-))

And yes, you got it right! I am not going to talk about scams, bomb blasts, petrol hikes and the Lokpal that never saw light of the day.
It’s just the beginning of the year and I am in too-optimistic a mood right now to talk about crap.

I hope that you all had a great year too and even better things are in store for all of us ( even though I half-heartedly fear the doomsday in 2012). I hope we all reach pinncales of success in our lives, personally, professionally and spiritually. May all those who strive and work hard for a better life, get it. May we all attain a large-hearted and giving nature towards underprivileged kids, homeless women and old people.
May 2012 be happy and prosperous for EVERYONE!