That magical moment…

It’s a weekend and a perfect excuse to sleep late. Their lazy siesta suddenly starts buzzing with noises. There’s an alarm clock ringing somewhere, and perhaps somebody at the door too. They both get up with a start and shoot an alarmed look at the wall clock. It couldn’t be 11 already! They quickly get dressed, open the door for the maid and get on with their morning activities.

While the maid is cleaning, they sit out in the balcony, savoring a cup of hot ginger tea in one hand and a newspaper in the other. They are unperturbed by the clutter in the kitchen, silently enjoying a relaxing start to the day after a mad rush to office every morning the past week. They look at each other, smile and exchange the newspapers. They have begun to enjoy each other’s’ silence and companionship.

As the sun rises higher, they realize they haven’t had anything to eat since they woke up. She asks what he would like for breakfast. He smiles, enters the kitchen and starts gathering the ingredients for her favorite breakfast. Fifteen minutes later, he is sitting on the kitchen counter with a plate of hot and crispy French toast in hand, while she is cooking another batch. He offers her a bite, although he knows she hates to have her breakfast like that – standing in the kitchen and cooking. She likes it relaxed – sitting on the bed, reading a book or watching TV or talking to him. She looks at him with a half twisted face expressing her anger. He winks at her and makes her eat an entire piece.


She mutters a silent “Thank you” to God under her breath. For this man, who has made her life perfect. There’s an easy camaraderie between them, the one she believed she could only have with her best friends. But he made sure he became her best friend. Making her comfortable, pampering her, spoiling her for choices, listening to her, caring for her and most importantly, doing everything only for her. Not for anything in return. His selflessness overwhelms her. She seldom thinks if she can ever love him with such capacity.

Her favorite song is playing on radio, in the background. And there they are, moving about the house, doing their chores. Without any romantic words to fill the silences. Just a crooked naughty smile, winking eyes and an embarrassed anger feigning laugh. It’s their magical moment. The one, she always wants to keep in her heart. The one she always wants to remember whenever she looks back at the life spent with him. The one she wants to tell her kids and grand kids about. The one because of which she knows what Love is, without the drudgeries of lengthy promises, or commitments or words that sometime spoil the unsaid.

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