Nothing serious….REALLY!!

Have been missing MY space badly for the past week or so. Nothing much that has caught my attention this past week. And nothing fancy in my imagination too. I thought and thunk (after effects of too much thinking..!!) and thought and could up with nothing substantial.

But then I thought what the heck! This is MY blog and My web space. I can create puddles of shit and post pearls of wisdom, depending on my mood.
Sorry guys for disappointing you with a puddle this time. But things haven’t been really that great this week.
When I am sad or frustrated, all the creative juices are annulled by the digestive ones I guess. Sorry for sounding gross. But I am totally mad and totally frustoo with some people in life.
They just don’t seem to understand me. And they put me in a fix constantly. And that hurts some very important people in my life.
The only problem is that the people who trouble me are also near and dear ones. And I really can’t do away with them. Stuck in a fix, for the rest of my life.

 Am pissed off with myself too for taking the easy way out. Need to take a stand when it’s required.

I read somewhere, “Love makes the world go around”. I think they should replace Love with Expectations.
If only people appreciated the piece of pie in front of them, rather than crib about the lack of icing.