A letter to Team ANNA….

Dearest Team ANNA,
My heartfelt regards to you.
I know that you, like all of us, feel extremely frustrated, disillusioned and betrayed by the Government right now.  But then I think we all should have expected this. It was silly optimistic of us to expect the Govt. to bend and table a strong Jan Lokpal in the Parliament. Because, that’s hardly the end to their nightmare. It’s the beginning. As I have said before, it’s a

Catch 22 situation

for the Govt. Either they can please the country men now and run to save their asses later. Or remain glued to their seats, even against public outcry. They have chosen the latter, for obvious reasons.

I have no idea what will be the outcome of this deadlock situation reaching alarmingly dangerous proportions now, what with Anna’s health deteriorating fast and public dissatisfaction at an all time high.  But as they say, everything happens for a reason. As the govt. is busy passing the buck from PM to the ruling party to Standing Committee to an All-party-meet, people have seen and understood this tamasha the Govt. is putting up to showcase their consideration for the Jan Lokpal Bill and Anna’s health. Their blow-hot-blow-cold-attitude is maddening, to say the least.
As of now, the Lokpal logjam continues and it’s back to square one after last night’s talks between Team Anna and the Govt. But whatever be the conclusion of this revolution, you have undoubtedly awakened every Indian out of his I-care-a-damn and nothing-is-going to-change attitude. The whole nation stands behind you in rock solid support. We all want you, Kiran Bedi ma’m, Arvind Kejriwal Sir and Anna ji to contest elections against the key policy makers in the country. You are going to win with a 100% margin. That’s what we can promise you. We don’t want this awakening and resolution to go down the drain. We can’t let the steam dissipate.
I understand that it’s sickening to be in that political muck out there. Because while soiling yourself in it and crying hoarse about our rights, the pigs are actually going to enjoy the roll in the shit. But, as I said earlier, we just can’t let the revolution and the wakening go cold. If you have started the fight, let all of us take it to the end. Let the people’s representatives come to power and show those power-hungry, illiterate, puppet-in-foreign-hands morons what it takes to be a leader and how to lead a country. Because if that’s how the cookie crumbles, let’s show it to them too.
PS: To all the disillusioned and fame-hungry Page 3 so-called ‘celebrities’ who are belting out cheap remarks about the whole Team Anna revolution:
1) India is not divided, but united in its stand against corruption.
2) The revolution is still against corruption, and not about THE one man.
3) The common man is not ignorant. They are completely knowledgeable about the Jan Lokpal Bill.
4) Anna/Team Anna is not/has never been in a spot. They are BANG ON in their approach.
So, you cheap and (in)famous socialites: go sulk and pout and whine and see if we care two hoots. We are and will be with Team Anna…now and always….


PPS: Congress has still not replied to

my letter

. (:-P pun intended. I hope it put a smile on your strained faces, even if for a moment !!)


Govt. in a Catch 22 situation – Report from Ramlila Maidaan

I am so awed and over-whelmed. But I am not falling short of words. In fact, a plethora of emotions and thoughts cloud my mind and heart so much so that I find it impossible to classify them. I don’t know if its patriotism, emotion, angst or all of them together.

After supporting the first 3 days of Anna’s anshan from home, I was out there on the battle ground on Day 4. The Ramlila maidaan. Quite iconic because it’s the same place where Bhagwaan Ram kills the Bad Man Raavan, every year. This year Anna is playing God, literally, and battling it out against the new Bad Guys (read Govt.).
Team ANNA (L to R: Arvind Kejriwal, Anna Hazare, Kiran Bedi)
The country has broken out into hitherto unseen patriotic fervor. The whole country is united with Anna in a cause that has brought out even the middle and upper sections of the society in full force. Everyone is so fed up of the prevalent corruption and scams. People in the maidaan keep chanting slogans supporting Anna and the likes of Bharat Mata ki Jai and Vande Mataram. The atmosphere is so electric with the spirit of the youth that it is impossible to contain yourself. I joined in too, chanting slogans, “Anna tum aage badho, hum tumhaare saath hai”. The people go berserk and crazy when Anna ji addresses the crowd. Kiran Bedi mam is such an influential and charismatic personality. Yesterday she led a procession of a lakh plus people from India Gate to the Ramlila maidaan. One lakh people on the roads, all carrying the Indian flag and chanting slogans was a sight to behold and feel. It truly felt like being in the middle of a revolution.

The same scene awaited us at India Gate, albeit with a little less number of people. We participated in the candlelight procession there. It’s great to see an informed youth who knows what it is fighting for and not just a mob who is out there and blindly following a party with vested interests. Team Anna is mobilizing people to question both the Lokpal Bill and the Jan Lokpal Bill and cast its opinion in favor of what they think is right. Facebook pages and YouTube videos have been created with vivid descriptions of the differences in the two drafts of the bill, on a clause by clause basis. 

 Day 2 at Ramlila was the same. Only the number of people were more. And the count is still increasing. But more than anything, I am betrayed by the Govt’s almost alien demeanor towards Anna’s fast. But then, I should have expected that. Given the level of corruption these guys are into, we should not be surprised by any of their misgivings. They are just trying to save their a**.

Me n my 5-yr old nephew at Ramlila grounds

 But I totally believe that Anna has God on his side. A 74 year old man, on the 5th day of his fast, addressed the crowd and if you didn’t know, you could never guess. His voice and conduct did not give him away for a minute, that this man had not had food for 6 days. I could only so much as carry on my fast for 30 hours.

By now, everyone realizes that the Jan Lokpal bill will have to be passed given the kind of common man backing it has got. But the only question that looms large over everyone’s head is when? Anna ji is already well into his 7th day of fasting. And now, every passing minute and hour is going to be pressing on his body. I just pray to God to give Anna ji strength and some good sense to our so called “leaders”.
@All: Guys, please support Anna ji’s crusade against corruption in any and every way you can. It’s not everyday that you find yourself amidst such a life changing revolution. And you surely don’t want to be left behind…right?