I can read your mind!

Well, that’s what Lior Suchard said. And he definitely can. This is what we found out recently at this show aptly titled as “Limitless” because that’s precisely what Lior’s powers felt like. Now I wasn’t really sure what this show was going to be about or how deeply impressed I was going to be at the end of it. You’d think why would I then spend my money on buying tickets for a show of which I didn’t even know was about. Now that’s where the perks of being a blogger come into picture. Yours truly was invited to witness this incredible show that’s going to leave any of us dumb founded. The show Limitless by Lior Suchard at the Kingdom of Dreams, Gurgaon.

I tried to read a little about the likes of Lior Suchard, ala who a mentalist is and what they exactly do. Apparently they can read your minds, tell you the most intimate secrets of your life you are sure you have never shared with anyone, and guess everything that you think they can’t. Watching the show feels so much ironical because you just can’t believe that another human being can actually read your mind as if everything was just scrawled across your forehead. You can’t believe it and yet you are stunned at the incredibility of it all.


“Reserved” !! 🙂

H and I were seated in the front, the section reserved for Media. The show started off very well, with coordinated lighting and fancy music, the kinds you see and hear on foreign live shows. We were sure quite excited to be a part of such a show. And then the Lior-isms started. He started with randomly picking up people from the audience and telling them the exact number they were thinking. If that’s not strange enough for you, fasten your seat belts. The flight to fantasy had just begun. Sample this. He randomly asked who remembered the name of their first love. Many people did. He called up one girl on the stage, interacted with her for a little while and then gave us all the name of the guy that girl had had a crush on in her 10th standard. No mean feat.

The highlight of the evening was that H and I were also the ones to be up on the stage with The Mentalist for one of his gigs. We were right there on the stage, trying to be poker faced and all, hiding a coin in one of our hands, and every single time, he would guess it correctly. He had a lot of tricks up his sleeve and we were just gawking and aping and incredulously shaking our heads most of the time. Sometimes we even forgot to clap, so stunned we were. The evening finished on a high note and all of us moved out of the auditorium trying to make some logic to explain what we had just witnessed? Was that even possible?

Lior explaining the coin trick to H!


And that’s both of us with Lior on the stage!

The benefits of being a blogger didn’t end at the Platinum seats reserved for us at the show. We also got the opportunity to meet Lior Suchard, up, close and personal after the event. All of us had so many questions and he answered most graciously. But he refused to teach us any of his tricks when I asked him about it 😉 He says mind reading is a highly evolved science that involves a lot of practice and intuition. We came back starry eyed, with a book authored by Lior to understand the power of positive thoughts, and to know a little bit more about mind reading.

Also, since I was visiting the Kingdom of Dreams for the first time, leaving you all with some of the pics of the beautiful “Culture gully”.

Beautiful handicrafts and authentic jewellery!


The state pavilions!



The Mumbai pavilion!


Some beautifully painted walls!



Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the most beautiful of them all?


A night view of one of the sculptures!