Random Ramblings..!!!!!

The good news (or is it??) first. I got married last month. On Feb18,2011. The most beautiful day of my life.
Haven’t been able to blog furiously for the past few months as was obviously busy with my wedding preparations. Had decided that I was going to blog till the last day before the wedding so that a few months later, I would still be able to remember and feel the gamut of emotions that are at play during ‘those’ days. :-))

But alas, the plan didn’t work. And since the ‘Just Married’ phase is no less melodramatic, I have decided to  try and keep the blog updated with the moods and feelings ‘these’ days, that will make me feel good a few months down the line.

Wedding preparations are fun, tiresome, irritating at times but mostly flattering, making you feel special and on-top-of-the-world. Everywhere you go, the shopkeeper invariable asks, “Aapki shaadi h?”. And you blush and say “Yes”. And lo and behold….he will go berserk trying to convince you into buying the most expensive piece of shoe/dress/jewellery in his shop with his already-repeated-a-million-times remark – “Madam..shaadi to 1 baar hi hoti h…paise k baare mein mat sochiye”. Yeaahh sure you ****. Its my parents hard earned money and you think I am going to blow all that up just because you take me into a make-believe Wonderland. But the irony is…..you actually end up spending all the money..!!!!
Apart from all those busy shopping schedules, you day-dream the rest of your free day about your new life, new love and the other new things.. ;-))
Well….i enjoyed the phase to the hilt and the wedding too. It was fun being the centre of attention for once.
Still not a month into my married life and things are still as rosy. Hoping they remain that way..!!!!!
More on that later.
Until then take care guys….