J is Judgmental!

There is a famous saying “We all occupy the same universe, but live in different worlds”. I don’t think I have ever heard truer words. How much ever similar we think we are with a person, in reality, we are worlds apart. We are all a result of our history, the environment our parents gave us to grow up in, and finally the consequences of our own actions. I can vouch for the fact as I have a twin sister, and we have a vast difference in the manner of thinking, speech, actions and even choices.

As a result of what we are, we all have our set of morals we live our life by. But when we encounter something that falls outside of our moral boundary, we immediately start judging that person over his/her choices. If someone wears makeup, she is fake. If someone does not, she is so plain! If someone likes to dress up, she is a show off. If someone does not dress up, she needs to get a stylist! We judge people over career choices, love life, caste and even skin color! We have this feeling of superiority over everyone else. And let’s be fair, we all have been there done that. Not once, not twice but many times over.

But when we judge a person and his choices, it tells us more about our own self and our thinking rather than the person being judged. So the next time, you are about to jump the gun, wait and think what kind of person you want to be in your own conscience. And leave that person to explore his possibilities in his own world. In our universe.