The joker in a magician’s robe….!!!!

The blog is facing a draught. And I, the writer’s block. No more crazy ideas, no more Alice-in-wonderland imaginations and basically, so-out-of-tune.

But that’s only because I am neck deep in work, No, make that forehead deep in work at office and more so at home. As you would have gotten an idea from here. Karvachauth is just around the corner and I am all geared up after all these tedious shopping trips. But then again, no pain no gain 🙂

And amidst all this running hanky pansy and putting up new things for the house, I feel like that magician juggler who juggles 4, 5 or even more balls at a time. The only difference being that I am no magician. I drop balls here and there, and then run helter skelter, on my knees, below the bed and down the balcony to retrieve them. In retrospective, I feel like a joker (not the legendary Heath Ledger, of course!) at most times.
But who do I amuse, I don’t know. I just hope some people do get amused. What’s the use otherwise, no?

Walking the tight rope juggling balls…That’s ME..!!!

I am just imagining that maybe, after all, nobody (outside my dreams) is amused watching me make a cartoon of myself.
Oh God! I feel all the more terrible now. I could really kill for some lady-like graciousness and not actually be caught at all times, wearing my oldest ever pajamas and my hair looking like as if I just landed up here from an air crash site! And how could I forget to add, all those supposedly magic balls spilling out of my hands………wat a magical cum funny sight ! Urghh….