F Forgives and Forgets?

How many times have we not heard this old age adage? But how many of us truly believe on it? Or to put it more correctly, how many of us really follow it? It is one of those self help techniques, which are way easier said than done, isn’t it?

What does forgiveness mean to you? That when someone realizes their mistake, you should let go? Or even if that someone does not realize their mistake, you be the bigger person and let go? And either way, even of of you can forgive the person, can you really forget? Unless you have the memory span of a goldfish 😉

I, for one, can’t forget people who I know still stand by their doing , something which is wrong for me. Of course, that could be a difference of opinion. But there are differences of opinion that you can live with and move on and there are some which become a bone of contention. And there is no point in being the bigger person in such cases because it’s going to happen over and over. And ultimately you are going to have a one on one with that person. Why not do it the first time around and save yourself much heartburn? ?

And speaking of forgetting, unpleasant experiences of any kind have a habit of staying in howsoever small crevice of your  memory. It never really goes away. I believe there is an irony in the statement itself. What it really means is that in reality, you aren’t going to forget, so forgive and move on like it never happened. Pretty close to forgetting, right?

But my point is, can you really ever forgive if you can’t forget?