Diary of Lil S – Hello

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Hi everyone. My name is Lil S. I am 4 years old. And I can’t wait to be 5. Because that means I get a birthday party, a cake, new dress and lots of presents. I have decided to be here for a while, because my mom is quite lazy to document my precious Kindergarten years.

By the way, do you know I am starting Pre-Kindergarten soon? My mom keeps saying it’s a month away, it’s a fortnight away but I don’t understand. I am just happy it is starting “soon’. Staying at home is not cool, except the mornings. Because I sleep till really late. Rest of the day, I get really really bored. And you know what Mom says every time I tell her that? She says,”Let’s read a book together”. Or worse, “Let’s practice writing your A, B, C”. Why doesn’t she understand that I don’t like it? I like to play all day.

I want to be like mom when I grow up. She gets to do all the grown up things like cooking in the kitchen. With fire. With a real oven. And she got me a kitchen that doesn’t cook food. Hmph. She watches TV whenever she likes, she works on her laptop whenever she wants.Why does she keep telling me to shut it off? I have told her that I will not be her friend when I grow up. And you know what, she says OK. But then, while tucking me in every night, she hugs me and says I Love you. I am just very confused if she really loves me or not. What do you think?