Of rainy days, sweet dreams and a phone call….

Since last Friday, I have clicked on the “New Post” button almost like 4-5 times, and written some gibberish that didn’t feel right. It’s not like how I write. I write when I am so full of an idea that my mind is way ahead of my fingers, which just about manage to capture the essence and put it on virtual paper here. But of late, there have been so many things on mind that I haven’t been able to write about anything particular. So many new things are happening that my emotions are colliding unto each other and I am feeling confused as ever. So here I am, ranting away at my fav place, with my fav people…
1) I had promised to help


with a research paper of  hers. It had seemed very interesting to me at first, but I kinda got bored of it pretty soon. But then, a commitment is a commitment. So I have it at the top of my mind. Don’t worry


, I am ON it. <Guilty>

2) I had decided to update the blog with a couple of long pending blog posts, that are still lying dormant in my Drafts. But I have been just too lazy to do anything. <Super-guilty>
3) I had promised myself that I was gonna take out some time to study. But nada, nada nada.<let down>

4) The reason for all of the above is that H and I spent the entire weekend at home, thanks to the heat. But the icing on the cake is that we spent a lot of quality time, chatting up and listening to our fav songs together. It finally rained on Sunday, and so we played scrabble after a really long time, sat in the balcony, soaking up the smell of wet soil, enjoying the cool breeze and indulged in a lot of leg pulling.


Then we went out for dinner and had an awesome time together. And hence, all that guilt feeling was swallowed up by the happy love feeling that I was deep into.<happy happy, super happy>
5) And then, I got to know about the

Dove Women’s Indiblogger Meet

. And needless to say, I am super excited.

I had a whale of a time at the

last Indiblogger meet

, and I am so looking forward to this one as well. Are you coming? Please let me know so that we can meet and have fun together!

6) The last but not the least! The Breaking news of the day!
I got a call from


today. After all the verifications and stuff, I was told that I had to answer 3 questions. And that if I was selected, I would be moved to the next round.

Now the first 2 questions were pretty easy. But sadly enough, He got me on the third one.


The “question” in question:
According to the Population survey 2011, what is the female population of India, in crores?

 No options.And I had to type the answer on the phone keypad! Hmmmph….

My answer was close, BUT !!It was just that. Close. Not correct! :-((
Those of you who can manage to answer this one without googling it up, YOU ROCK!
 Those of you who can’t, please pray for me that I get through! 😛
After all wouldn’t you all want to see your beloved blogger right up there on the Hot Seat? ;-))

Because sunshine makes me beautiful!


Why do we associate all things lively and interesting with sunshine? Talk to a dad gushing to his 4-year old daughter and he will be quick to add, “There goes my sunshine girl”. Talk to a boyfriend head over heels in love with his girl, and he will remind you that she is his ‘sunshine girl’. I figured it’s because we look forward to a new day as the sun rises and shines and lights up our days. It’s the nature’s alarm, telling us to leave our failures of the past just there, and move to a new beginning.
Cut to reality. Come summers and we all like to hide ourselves and our priceless white glowing skin behind closed doors to prevent it from sun burn and tanning. We curse the sun and pray for rain. Even the schools and colleges close down for a good two months. On a typical summer afternoon, if you ever decide to go down the road (God forbid you should do so!), all you get to see is the lonely road, the sound of whirring coolers in homes and a looming silence with not a soul in sight. Well, except Kyra.
Kyra is my childhood buddy. We have shared our secrets and stories of success, failure, hopes, anxiety and aspirations. She always knows how to cheer me up when I am feeling down or doubting my talent or self-worth. She has always been there when I needed her, and is the most jovial person I have known all my life. She is the kind of person everyone wanted to be friends with, but I took and still take great pride in the fact that she is MY best friend, My sunshine girl, my Ky.
A few years later, this little sunshine joke of ours turned quite literal for us, as I developed skin problems which worsened if I as much as stepped out in the sun. And imagine that for a girl living in Delhi where the summer temperatures hover around a harsh 40 degrees and threateningly close to 48 degrees. I had tried various sun screen lotions off the rack but nothing worked for me. My skin was too sensitive to them. It would break out even before I stepped out in the sun.
One day, Ky and I had a huge fight. Apparently, she had planned an outing to Rishikesh with a bunch of our other friends. We could go for river rafting, cliff jumping and other such adventurous activities, or just laze around on the beach. I being myself was so horrified at the idea, as if she was suggesting going to a graveyard at 12 in the night! She tried convincing me but I was in no mood to listen. We both huffed and puffed and Ky left, sensing that I was too worked up about my skin “problem” and all that!
A few days later, I received an anonymous courier. As soon as I opened it, I laughed heartily.
This was my “make-up” gift from Ky, who apparently had taken up my malady too seriously.
My “make-up” gift !
 I was almost determined to not go on an experimentation session again when my eyes fell on another thing in the courier packet. Ky, knowing me well, had written me a letter too.
Dear G,
I know you are feeling very distressed because of your skin issues, what with it turning dark and getting those burnt patches. But let me tell you that you are still the same sweet G for me who is my confidante and best friend. Nothing, absolutely nothing, not even the sun with all its mighty powers can make me change my feelings for you. But G, I tried to tell you something the other day too, but you just wouldn’t listen. And that is when I realized that the sun was not only playing havoc with your skin, but with your character too.
In all these years, I have never seen you so worked up or talking so rudely with me. Not only has you appearance changed, but your beautiful inside too. My gentle G has suddenly become this aggressive G who is only safeguarding her skin, while our friendship is withering away in your hostility. 
Tears were rolling down my cheeks. I couldn’t read any further. The letter lay crumpled in my hands. I had not realized how much I had hurt Ky, who had been there for me always. And that day I decided that enough was enough. How long could I go on sitting inside the house, fearing my demons? I had to go out and face them.
And so the next day, doused with a liberal portion of the

Lakme Sun expert

with SPF (Sun Protection Factor)  50, I went to Ky’s house to surprise her. We both hugged each other, and decided to go for a movie! Ky and I stepped out, oblivious of the harsh sun. We were reveling in the joys of our once again blooming friendship. A few hours later, as we entered the house, laughing and joking about the movie, I began to panic. I was so happy that I hadn’t checked on my skin even once. What if it had broken out again? What if? What if?

And with a thousand questions on my mind, I dashed off to the bathroom to check my appearance. As I looked at my face incredulously, Ky walked up from behind and gave me a smile. Eureka! It had worked. And so, one by one, I started using the other products like the face wash and sun mask too. And slowly, my damaged skin started returning to its glorious old self.
My sunshine girl literally brought back the sunshine in my life. I can never thank her enough for not only making my skin better, and empowering me to step out at any time of the day, but also making me a better human being. Because I might not be able to get a

Lakme Sun Expert

for all the obstacles that I will face in life, and yet I will always have the comfort of knowing that Ky will always be my side without ever judging me.

And now for the SURPRISE! I am writing this post from Rishikesh where Ky and I are vacationing with our third sunshine buddy. Guess who?
Yep! It is

Lakme Sun Expert


That’s my story. Who is your sunshine buddy?
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Prerna – An inspiration for the journey of Life!

I have taken numerous trips to this place over 2 years. By bus, auto, bike and a chauffeur driven car. It didn’t matter how I reached. It just mattered to be present.
I landed up here because I loved Mathematics and I wanted to contribute to the society. And so I turned into a Mathematics and English teacher on the weekends, for


. Prerna, as an NGO, supports bright students with a not-so-good financial background to continue their studies with scholarships and free tutions.

This was a journey I had always thought would be fulfilling and satisfying for me as a human being, for being able to give back something to the society. It was anything, but that. What I got to learn from that experience, and what I gained was more than I would have given to the students in those two years.
Initially, I was a little apprehensive about ‘teaching’ classes XI and XII, as they are supposed to be these rowdy teenagers, who give a really tough time to the ‘teachers’, what with flying airplanes, asking stupid questions and talking back! And this wasn’t even a proper school where I could punish them or call their parents over for disciplinary issues.

But my first class was a complete U-turn from what I had imagined it to be. I had the sweetest kids in my class. Their faces or behavior never gave away the plight back home, even if you didn’t take into account teenagers minus their flashy dresses and gadgets. Even though their family income was meager, their dreams weren’t. The fire in their bellies that urged them to work hard and achieve their dreams left me speechless. I cringed at my 22 year old self, of how ungrateful we were, of all that we had, when we were in school. We never took advantage of the opportunities we got in life, we took everything for granted. And here were these kids, who hardly knew if they would be able to continue their studies in the next semester or class, and still turned up for their classes unfailingly every weekend to make as much as of the situation as they could.

Joining hands for a better future!

We also had parents of these kids come over at prize distribution ceremonies, to make them understand that their kids held a lot of promise, and that they would be the ones breaking the cycle of poverty for their families. Once we asked the mother of the boy who had topped the state boards to speak about how it felt. All of us were in tears as she explained how the times had been so trying for the family, as she was the only earning member and had three kids to support. The boy would help his mother as well as study late into the night. The promise her child had, gave her a hope that all the hard work she was doing was worth it. We also had a girl who had won a scholarship to go NASA for a 3-day educational trip. I couldn’t help but admire the zeal these kids had.

We also had a guy, among ourselves, who had graduated with Prerna’s support and was working with a top IT firm. He too turned up all weekends, be it rain or shine. He even donated a part of his salary every month to his true alma mater. My learning just never stopped there.
This journey is something that I will not be able to forget my entire life. Even though I could not continue with Prerna because I left the city, it has taught me a lot of lessons for life. It showed me an altogether different world that exists outside our comfortable homes, AC cars and fancy offices. It taught me to be grateful for everything that I have, had or will ever have. And no matter how big I grow in life, I will always remember to give a part of it back for somebody who might not be as lucky as I was, but is definitely way more talented than I am.
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