Perspective and Epiphany

So I was reading this book to Lil S last night.
I read the below lines and turned philosophical.  I was like, wow! One can get inspired anywhere!

Sometimes kids’ books say the most profound words. I kept reading these words again and again, marveling at how much sense they made in the current scenario. The sameness, the boredom of Social Distancing. But there is a window open. Probably of hope. And of knowledge that ‘Nature reigns supreme’. 

And then I looked at the illustration thinking about the emotion on the face of the animal. Somehow it didn’t look bored. It looked ecstatic.  And then I realized that these animals had in fact found an open window to get into, relieving them from the boredom. So that explains the ecstasy.

And then I realized, WITH HORROR, that these animals are bats. Which have escaped. Out of boredom. Into an open window.

The book is called “Bats at the Library”

And if you notice, the author’s name is Brian LIES. 

Needless to say, this epiphany left me quite sleepless last night!

The psycho on loose…..

Last evening, I was walking inside the housing society where my home is. As I was walking past an array of cars, I heard the roar of an engine. The car which was 10 yards ahead and left to me, roared to life. It was a big Tata Sumo. But the strange part was that the car was still covered in its grey cover. I was really puzzled as to why would someone sit inside the car and start it with the cover still on. With these thoughts, I moved forward. Again I was jolted out of my thoughts as the car driver was putting his foot down on the accelerator and braking at the same time. This time I grew frightened. Was this some psycho person on loose? No sane man would ever start his car and accelearte and  brake with the car cover all over it, including the front glass. What was even more strange was the fact that a security guard was sitting in a chair right in front of the car. And he was sitting without a worry in the world. In my mind, I was petrified that if this psycho person did not brake in time, he wass going to mow down this poor fellow. I wanted to go over and warn the guard, but somehow decided against it. It was very disturbing to see him sitting there ever so nonchalantly. Isn’t he supposed to be on the look out for such maniacs? Anyways, I tried to brush away these thoughts but the accelerating and braking continued. My heart beat was up a little and by this time I had crossed the car.
Just to make sure the security guard was fine, I turned around to have a last look at him.And what I saw was….well….I have no words to express. Behind the car was the society fence and furthur beind it, was a small clean up truck that was stuck in a puddle and the driver was constantly accelerating and braking to come out of it. I smiled at my stupid imaginative self, and how much trauma I had caused myself over those few minutes. In short, I felt like I was the psycho on loose… :-))