Bye bye Bai…..

So, the latest news on my front is that my kaam-waali bai a.k.a. domestic help has taken a two month hiatus to visit her folks, back in her village. And no….don’t run away people. This is not going to be another of those crib-full posts that I have been posting lately.

I, for one, is happy. I have seized this opportunity with both hands. You want to ask me How? Go ahead. Ask me.

Ok. The chatter box that I am. You don’t really have to prod me all that much to spill the beans.
My bai is gone and now the baton a la jhaadoo (broom) is in my hands. The reason was my ever expanding waist line. Yeah…joining a gym was a better option, you would say. But since I give competition to the likes of snails, tortoises and kumbhkarans of the world, I decided this was an extreme step that I had to take.

So, no more bahanaas about gym timings, late work, blah, blah…I have to do the traditional jhaadu katka. Every day. Period.

Now, I am a fanatic when it comes to cleanliness and I really take to cleaning like H to beer ;-))
But only now did I realize how therapeutic I find, cleaning the house.
Moving all that trash outside the house is so symbolic of removing mess out of my life. I suddenly feel so peaceful. Calm.
And then comes the mopping part. As the mopped floor shines and looks polished, my heart misses a beat. It soars in the sky with a leap, and I look forward to life with a clean slate, just like the floor.


Once everything is done, I move around the house, double-checking and sometimes triple-checking, that everything around, is in order – the cushions on the sofa, the pillows on the bed, not a single crease on the bed sheet, not a speck of dust on the table, not a drop of water on the kitchen slab, dried bathroom floors, and my list continues.

And as I make sure that, indeed, everything is good to go and I am happy and satisfied, the door bell rings. I know it’s time for H to be home. πŸ™‚

H: (shielding his eyes) Please get me my goggles….I can’t see anything….

Me: (visibly tensed) Arre, kya hua? Show me….I think it’s the dust in our eyes…..

H: No baby, the floor is shining so much that I can’t look at anything without my goggles. (wink, wink)

Me: Lol. LOL. (Beat him for poking fun at me.)

H: Ok ok…chalo…I’ll go and take a bath.

Me: (gives an expression as if somebody just punched my gut) WHAT? But I just dried the bathroom floors………………..

H: SO???? Nobody’s supposed to use it now?

Me: No, I didn’t mean that……… (visibly depressed at the thought of water on the floor)

I curse myself for having brought this upon myself.
It was so good having the Bai. I appreciated her efforts of keeping my house clean, but now I can’t stand nobody messing up anything and everything I just straightened.

H tries and keeps up with my paranoia of ‘cleanliness’ and I, with his requirements of using the bathroom and other places ;-))
Thank God for our peace keeping mission. Otherwise, my house would have turned into a battle ground (quite literally), and I, for one, would have NEVER been able to tolerate the mess ensued.

PS: People, please give me better ideas for loosing tummy fat πŸ˜›

Him and Her – Part III

He was sound asleep. She lay awake, her eyes fixed at the ceiling. She felt the nothingness she looked at.

She was going down down memory lane. She was remembering their courtship days. What fun and excitement! The thought brought a smile to her lips. And that sudden action jolted her out of her trance, into the real world. She was lying next to her Prince Charming.

But she hadn’t imagined a day like this. When he would turn his back to her and sleep without a worry in the world. And she would have to muffle her sobs in the pillow lest it woke him up. She tried to compare her two lives. She realised they had changed with time. “Or maybe there wasn’t any love ever..!!!”, she remembered what everyone had said when she had told them about her plans of getting married to him.

She alternated in her views if they indeed were right or not. She had loved with all her heart, and that couldn’t be wrong. But it felt like the Love was lost and that did seem wrong.

She accidentally brushed her hand against him. He held it tightly. Like he had always promised.
He turned around to face her.

Hmm….it was her crying indeed…and all the while putting up a brave face.

So he had been only pretending to be asleep.

And a hug was all it took to melt away her fears. There were no rights and wrongs then. Only Love.

PS: Sometimes, we cloud our mind with our insecurities and expectations and just fail to see the Love that God has blessed us with. Next time, whenever that happens, just remember, Love is just a hug away πŸ™‚

Him and Her – Part II

She saw the creases on the bed sheet. Her lips curled. But in scornful distaste.
She hated the sight of him sprawled on the bed. At 1 in the afternoon. Unshaven. Unwashed. Tangled in the web of his phone charger, laptop charger and ear phones.
He hadn’t been out of the bed since last night. He was having a gala time with his phone, movies and favorite songs. Unmindful of the seething rage within her.
When she could not take it any longer, she stormed in to the room and him. He blanked out for a second. Regaining composure, he asked her, “What happened to you? Why are you crying?”
She continued sobbing.
There was a deafening silence in the room. A hundred things were simultaneously running in his mind. He tried to pacify her. But she wouldn’t budge. She continued crying and occasionally giving him accusing glances.
He was petrified. Today was not her birthday, not even their anniversary. He scraped his mind with an imaginary coconut scraper. No memory scrapings came out that could feed his curosity.
Seeing him confused and worried, she said with feiry anguish “Baby, you have changed so much…”
Ahh….those famous lines that are a part of every man’s life. Especially post marriage.
“What did I do this time? Or shoud I say, not do?”, he asked irritatingly.
She wiped her tears and shot back, “You were supposed to collect my reports from the doctor last evening”.
“Shit..!!!” , he mentally cursed for bringing this upon himself, “isko bolte hai apne pairon par aap kulhaari maarna”.
“What did you say?”, she asked.
He tried to sound normal, “Nothing. I will go and collect it now.”
Just then, as if struck by lightening, he looked at her. She looked back at him. Their eyes exchanged a few words.
“Just like the old times”,  she would have said.
He cradled her in his arms and she happily sunk in them.
After a long pause, she said, “Congratulations would- be-daddy”.
He felt somebody just boxed his ears. Suddenly, the blood drained from his face. “Ohh !!! And I thought your eyes said otherwise….”, he replied with a dejection in his voice.
She couldn’t believe the magic had vanished. For real. Forever.

Him and Her…

Things have begun to change. Distances in the bedroom are a grim reminder of that. Fights that used to crop up stealthily, have become a staple diet now. Endearments are far and few. That heady feeling of being in love is finally giving way to harsh reality. She realizes what everybody had been saying about marriage, was, after all, true.
She always believed whatever happened, happened with other people. Not with her. Of course. She had spent enough time with him to know his persona well. His likes and  dislikes. His hopes and aspirations. His follies and weaknesses.
But marriage had brought a third dimension in perspective. Of course, it was not her fault if she could not see these things before. This was the first time that they were living in the same house, together.
They loved the feeling of having the entire house to themselves. They could change the rules of waking up, sleeping, cooking, eating….anytime at their whim. She loved setting up her house and decorating it, like she had always thought she would. He loved being able to spend time with his electronic gadgets as and when he liked. She loved keeping the house in order. He loved his space of being able to spend time in the house, just as he wanted.
But that was the problem. Their ‘likes’ had begun intersecting now. His spending time at home “just the way He wanted” intersected with her “cleanliness”. His “music” intersected with her “peace”. “We” now intersected with individual “I’s”.
They had been transformed from lovers to a true blue married couple.
PS: Its purely a ficitional story. Resemblance to any real characters is purely co-incidental πŸ˜‰