A pony sized surprise!

“Congratulations. It’s a horse”, says the doctor.

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They both look at each other. Exasperated. How could it be? How could they have possibly borne a horse? He went around in his head thinking of all her relatives who had any connections with the species of the stallion kind. She was tying yo join the dots. Probably that’s the reason why the baby used to kicked so much. They caught each other looking at each other and smiled uncomfortably.

The nurse said it was time for the baby to feed.

“How the hell are the doctors treating this as some kind of normal or daily occurrence?” shrieked the wife in helplessness as she heard the nurse walking out.
The husband shrugged his shoulders and wiped his brow.

She heard the door click. Now was the moment of truth they had been waiting for 9 months. To see their horse errr….baby!

As soon as the nurse came close to her, the alarm screeched beside her.
She woke up and checked on the husband sleeping beside her.

She wrote down No.20 and began to write in her diary marked “Crazy Pregnancy Dreams”!.