After Father of the nation, here comes the Brother…..

Bapu, as Father of the nation is fondly known. We all have a father, apart from our biological fathers. But now, we all seem to have a universal brother as well. Confused?
Well, I am talking about Anna. Anna Hazaare. Naam to suna hoga….eh? Sorry for the pun. 🙂
Anna means bhai. In English – brother.

As his crusade against corruption has turned him into a national hero (and brother!!!!), Baba Ramdev too thought this was an ideal time to take his popularity to new heights. Although Baba too has a huge following around the world because of the aerobics and his miraculous medicines, he is still not the THE Baba. You see, there are a lot of Babas floating around these days. And in these times of shrinking public memory, it is important to be seen and heard. “Strike the rod while the iron is red hot”, seems to be Baba’s mantra.

Anyways, before people start hating me and calling me names for maligning Baba’s image, I want to make my stand clear. I am neither his supporter nor a detractor. Now, while Anna went about his crusade single handedly with a determined outlook and agenda, Baba made it more like a masses’ movement and urging his supporters with motivational speeches. I do not support the government either. Baba’s fallacy gave them a reason to do what they did, which I decree, was a brutal murder of the World’s largest democracy’s citizens’ rights.

Coming round to why I actually decided to write this post. At first, there were enough of Anna Hazaare support campaigns and Facebook pages and the likes,  and people signed up for these causes online too. But everyone went about their work as usual. But yesterday, during a fire drill in office, we were all assembled in the company’s lawns and people around me, almost all of them, were discussing Baba’s escapades. The political drama had achieved its purpose, with the real purpose getting drowned in public uproar against the injustice done to Baba and his supporters. My heart felt regards to all the people who braved the police lathis and to the lady who is battling for her life in hospital and may be paralyzed for life.

I heard some intersting snippets there. A group of guys were gleefully venting out their ire using the choicest abuses against the UPA government and why the PM should retire. But mockingly, they compared Baba’s chase with the Bhaag D K Bose song. So much for the humour. There was another girl who was captivating her audience by quoting the statistics and never-heard-before views on the matter. Yeah really…we are impressed..!!!! Grr…hmmph.

Nothing has come out this drama hitherto. But I sincerely hope Anna and Baba can create magic together. Even if that means adding a bhai and baba to our universal family.

Alvida until our paths cross again.