And you thought I was dead already?

I haven’t updated the blog in 20 days. To me, it seems like forever. I haven’t done this ever since I started to write here and experienced a different world altogether. But off late, things hadn’t been too promising. There was too much happening on the personal front, professional front, social front, you know? I was so caught in this mayhem of office, personal life, social commitmnets, having to pacify everyone around me. And so that left me almost breathless.

There were a lot of incidents happened that made me think, made my hands itch to write. But the mind was so overworked that I couldn’t get a single coherent thought make way to the blog without a million others bombarding my poor brain. Things took a turn for the worse when I accidentally deleted one of my stories that I had written for a contest. It was a grand idea and I had sat up late at night to finish it before it lost its charm. But! It was not to be, and ever since I haven’t been able to (metaphorically) pick the pen!

Readers have been kind enough to visit the blog regularly and some of them even professed to having missed me. Yay!! Some even came up with ideas just in case I was suffering from writer’s block! Actually it was just the opposite of that! Anyhow, I loved the compliments and affection and was longing to feel that exhilarating feeling I feel every time I unburden myself with abstract thought taking the shape of beautiful words and connecting me to a wide range of people who love me, and love to hate me!

And all this while I was gone,

-I watched a couple of movies, including the recently released barfi. Loved it completely.
-Read a couple of good books. (one of those long pending in to-be-read books list)
-Got a few surprises from H. Including new books and a very cute bag! :-))
-Fought with an old friend and that made me think a lot about people and how they could possibly outgrow each other even after a long 10 years of togetherness!
-Met my chaddi buddy N, after the longest time that we have known to be apart. We had an amazing time  like always, catching up on our lives and generally having fun!

Had some blooper moments too.
-Like I washed my awesome Sony cyber shot camera in the washing machine and no points for guessing, it’s broken and can be fixed for an amount equal to its original cost. And so, (no points for guessing again) we have decided to buy a new camera.
-I also dropped my phone a couple of times. And one of those times, lost my 4GB memory card. And with it, all my data, photos and most importantly my song list that I had so painstakingly created 🙁

H has been a real sweetheart after recovering from his illness and acted so cool after I “washed” the camera. He even jokingly remarked that now the pictures would be so much cleaner! Ha! Now you know why I married him! 😛

And it feels like I have lived the excitement of a whole life within the last 20 days while nobody could guess from the outside, that so much action could be happening in my life on the inside. But now I think that I am back for good and doing what I do best – blabber!

And oh yes, my twin M has completed her Ph.D. And is now officially a doctor. And are we immensely proud!!

Stay blessed until the next time!

Because sunshine makes me beautiful!


Why do we associate all things lively and interesting with sunshine? Talk to a dad gushing to his 4-year old daughter and he will be quick to add, “There goes my sunshine girl”. Talk to a boyfriend head over heels in love with his girl, and he will remind you that she is his ‘sunshine girl’. I figured it’s because we look forward to a new day as the sun rises and shines and lights up our days. It’s the nature’s alarm, telling us to leave our failures of the past just there, and move to a new beginning.
Cut to reality. Come summers and we all like to hide ourselves and our priceless white glowing skin behind closed doors to prevent it from sun burn and tanning. We curse the sun and pray for rain. Even the schools and colleges close down for a good two months. On a typical summer afternoon, if you ever decide to go down the road (God forbid you should do so!), all you get to see is the lonely road, the sound of whirring coolers in homes and a looming silence with not a soul in sight. Well, except Kyra.
Kyra is my childhood buddy. We have shared our secrets and stories of success, failure, hopes, anxiety and aspirations. She always knows how to cheer me up when I am feeling down or doubting my talent or self-worth. She has always been there when I needed her, and is the most jovial person I have known all my life. She is the kind of person everyone wanted to be friends with, but I took and still take great pride in the fact that she is MY best friend, My sunshine girl, my Ky.
A few years later, this little sunshine joke of ours turned quite literal for us, as I developed skin problems which worsened if I as much as stepped out in the sun. And imagine that for a girl living in Delhi where the summer temperatures hover around a harsh 40 degrees and threateningly close to 48 degrees. I had tried various sun screen lotions off the rack but nothing worked for me. My skin was too sensitive to them. It would break out even before I stepped out in the sun.
One day, Ky and I had a huge fight. Apparently, she had planned an outing to Rishikesh with a bunch of our other friends. We could go for river rafting, cliff jumping and other such adventurous activities, or just laze around on the beach. I being myself was so horrified at the idea, as if she was suggesting going to a graveyard at 12 in the night! She tried convincing me but I was in no mood to listen. We both huffed and puffed and Ky left, sensing that I was too worked up about my skin “problem” and all that!
A few days later, I received an anonymous courier. As soon as I opened it, I laughed heartily.
This was my “make-up” gift from Ky, who apparently had taken up my malady too seriously.
My “make-up” gift !
 I was almost determined to not go on an experimentation session again when my eyes fell on another thing in the courier packet. Ky, knowing me well, had written me a letter too.
Dear G,
I know you are feeling very distressed because of your skin issues, what with it turning dark and getting those burnt patches. But let me tell you that you are still the same sweet G for me who is my confidante and best friend. Nothing, absolutely nothing, not even the sun with all its mighty powers can make me change my feelings for you. But G, I tried to tell you something the other day too, but you just wouldn’t listen. And that is when I realized that the sun was not only playing havoc with your skin, but with your character too.
In all these years, I have never seen you so worked up or talking so rudely with me. Not only has you appearance changed, but your beautiful inside too. My gentle G has suddenly become this aggressive G who is only safeguarding her skin, while our friendship is withering away in your hostility. 
Tears were rolling down my cheeks. I couldn’t read any further. The letter lay crumpled in my hands. I had not realized how much I had hurt Ky, who had been there for me always. And that day I decided that enough was enough. How long could I go on sitting inside the house, fearing my demons? I had to go out and face them.
And so the next day, doused with a liberal portion of the

Lakme Sun expert

with SPF (Sun Protection Factor)  50, I went to Ky’s house to surprise her. We both hugged each other, and decided to go for a movie! Ky and I stepped out, oblivious of the harsh sun. We were reveling in the joys of our once again blooming friendship. A few hours later, as we entered the house, laughing and joking about the movie, I began to panic. I was so happy that I hadn’t checked on my skin even once. What if it had broken out again? What if? What if?

And with a thousand questions on my mind, I dashed off to the bathroom to check my appearance. As I looked at my face incredulously, Ky walked up from behind and gave me a smile. Eureka! It had worked. And so, one by one, I started using the other products like the face wash and sun mask too. And slowly, my damaged skin started returning to its glorious old self.
My sunshine girl literally brought back the sunshine in my life. I can never thank her enough for not only making my skin better, and empowering me to step out at any time of the day, but also making me a better human being. Because I might not be able to get a

Lakme Sun Expert

for all the obstacles that I will face in life, and yet I will always have the comfort of knowing that Ky will always be my side without ever judging me.

And now for the SURPRISE! I am writing this post from Rishikesh where Ky and I are vacationing with our third sunshine buddy. Guess who?
Yep! It is

Lakme Sun Expert


That’s my story. Who is your sunshine buddy?
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Friendship, Marriage, Joys, Memories…!!!

I wonder what is it about marriages that make go weak in the knees, all the time. As soon as I hear the M-word, I start reminiscing about my own and my time. I get nostalgic to the point of getting paranoid.
I go over in remind mode, till I am done recollecting what I was doing precisely at this very moment that day.
Like I am doing right now, three days away from my first Wedding Anniversary. But not many of you would know that my oldest sweetheart and friend and soul sister


got married just two days before me. And so, as it’s her first wedding anniversary tomorrow too, I am trying to recollect as many thoughts and small sweet incidents that preceded the Most Important Day in both of our lives.

Like yesterday. It was the first day of my sanctioned marriage leaves. We had a small pooja at home that day, to ward off any evils before commencing any pre-wedding functions. And 1800 km away, in a small town called Hosur (in Tamil Nadu); my dearest


was getting engaged to the love of her life.

I am as full of emotions today, as I was last year.
Today was


‘s haldi and sangeet ceremony, and I was preparing for my own with these thoughts. Tomorrow as


will be busy celebrating her first anniversary, I am sure to remember the lagan pooja that was held for my marriage.

I still remember the brief chat I had with


on the 17th. We both were so excited, emotional, happy. We were bubbling and  bursting. On one side, N was wishing me luck for my Big Day, on the other, I was teasing her about her First Night. ;-))

The only sad part about this arrangement was that N and I couldn’t be by each other’s side on our Big Day.
But we did make up for it, albeit quite a bit, at N’s sangeet.


N and I, dancing away to glory at the sangeet!

Less than a month later, N and I were both back in her room at her place. There we were, the same both of us, waiting to exhale and explode and drown each other in our countless stories of experiences of the month gone by. ;-))

@N : I miss you so soo much ! And I just want to wish U n Hemzz a very very very Happy Wedding Anniversary. You guys are one of those rare couples who are so perfect (I know you would be squirming at that!) and made to be with each other. I just want to wish both of you loads of luck, happiness and many more years of togetherness and love. <3<3

Har ek friend zaroori hota hai…But….

Yeah….har ek friend zaroori hota hai…..aur different bi..!!!! There are acquaintances, friends, good friends and best friends (BF). Everyone has all the above described varieties of friends. But tell me…..can you differentiate between two best friends too? I mean, going by the superlative degree of the verb being used here (best), there is supposed to be only one….but all of us do have more than one best friend..don’t we? So, can you choose between them, the better of the best friends, IF you had to?

Even after persistent whines and complaints from S (BF1) that she indeed was better than N (BF2) and that I should acknowledge and say the same, I couldn’t. Till now. I found the idea of classifying friends as good, better, best seemed horrendous to me. Almost like casteism. So down market!

But then on days like these, when my mood-o-meter tracks a sine curve, making me maddeningly happy and depressingly sad at the drop of a hat, I do demand a “Show Up” from BFs. And the one who does, is definitely my BFF (Best Friend Forever :-P)

N and S are as different as chalk and cheese. While N is a little like me, S is a classic case of “Opposites attract”. So while sometimes I enjoy my “I -too-love-this” times with N, at other times, I just tear a page out of S’s life to learn from her awesome attitude. And while “N” just loves the way I write and almost religiously follows my blog, S is a complete cynic who makes sure to ignore my blog as much as she can and reads it only when I shamelessly fling it in her face or make my way to her inbox. So far, S has only commented once on my blog, and no prizes for guessing, the post was about her! So you see….I have the best of both worlds. Ha ! The adulations and cynicism…..
But the problem arises when these two BFs don’t get along well. That’s the sticky wicket that I gotta face. But then, no pain no gain, remember? 😉

N, unfortunately, is out of India right now. So, S has the sole responsibility of humoring me and snatching me out of the clutches of gloom that I am covered in right now. I miss N sorely and I am sure this will make S see red. But kya karein…Dil to baccha hai ji…….
S, I am so waiting for you to call……….and trust me, I didn’t intend the post to sound like an SOS call. 😉

And my lovley blogdosts, I miss you all too…but this is the only way I know of reaching out to you. I hope you guys miss me too (that’s just wishful thinking !!).
Sayonara until the next post !