It’s your move, Wordfreak!

It’s your move, Wordfreak! is a story of today’s times, where people spend a majority of their waking hours in a virtual world under a fantasy-driven pseudo name. Alisha Menon aka Worddiva and Aryan Rajaram Chawla aka Wordfreak are just that. That is, after their working hours. Alisha is a successful divorce lawyer, while Aryan is an architect who specializes in building eco-friendly homes to reduce the planet’s carbon footprint. Both of them come from broken homes, albeit different circumstances and so have obvious commitment and relationship issues. But the inevitable happens when these two discover each other at an online game of Scrabble. And the rest as they say is history.

The author, Falguni Kothari takes you on a romantic, (sometimes even erotic) journey of the love of two strangers, virtual mates who not only discover their love for each other, but also overcome their commitment phobias and defy all that other people ever thought about them, to be with each other. She spins quite a realistic tale here with Alisha being skeptical about too-good-to-be-true Aryan and his Greek god looks, while Aryan who finally says his “I love you” to the girl he loves, but still cannot bring himself to reveal his traumatic childhood to her.
Diya is Alisha’s best pal and is quite a character too. Being a model, she makes sure that her tomboyish friend is never out of style when she has to meet Aryan or his family. She loves to gossip and discusses every shred of a detail of Aryan’s relationship with her, including their sex life 😉 Then there is Valima, who is Alisha’s maid but doesn’t quite approve of young people dating and getting away on the weekends together! There are various other people in their lives like Alisha’s mom, MT, Alisha’s boss, Aryan’s uncle, grandmother, dad, his second wife and kids, but none as interesting as Diya or Valima, although they do help a lot in taking the story forward.
Alisha’s and Aryan’s courtship is electric from the beginning, what with they being complete strangers and already having a backup plan to dump each other before the first date. They have spent quite a lot of time in knowing each other during the online games, and so once they meet, they relationship moves forward in leaps and bounds. There is a lot sexual tension in the air which the two of them keep denying, until Aryan invites Alisha to spend a weekend with her. Finally, all the suppressed passion comes to the fore and Falguni here brings you the details of their frenzied and wild love making. Quite as much 😛
It’s all going good between them until the skeletons from Aryan’s closet stumble out to haunt him. Alisha still doesn’t have a clue and when Aryan suddenly disappears after a small tiff between them, she thinks that Aryan has decided to dump her. And from there, the book quite turns into a Bollywood story with Alisha going to London and discovering about Aryan’s past. And then like the perfect girlfriend, she helps him to come out from the denial that he is living in, into accepting the truth, and to finally come to peace with his past.
The book is quite fast paced and characters very modern, that everyone can identify with.
But I would have loved to read about some of their witty Scrabble games, from where the love story started. The words “Wordfreak” and “Worddiva” quite bring out the Scrabble-r in me, and would have loved to read about a love story that started a little hatke as opposed to the typical “love at first sight”. The concept was very unique but not quite exploited to its maximum! That’s one place where I, for sure, felt disappointed.
Otherwise, the book is a light hearted fiction that has love, drama, action, tears and lots of passion! Even though I wouldn’t say it’s a must read, but if you like the Chick Lit genre, grab your copy today! A perfect read for a 2-3 hour flight/train journey!

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For the Love of….LiFe !!!

Nisha sat up in her bed. She could no longer fool herself. She had been awake all night, dreaming…with open eyes. “I think I am in love”, she almost said to herself and giggled at her own foolishness.

It was 5 a.m. on a cool October morning and even though the warm blanket was inviting, she got up and went out for a walk. And while she was braving the morning chilly winds, she was totally lost in her thoughts. She had changed. And how much. She couldn’t believe she was the same person she had been 2 years before.

She had always been an opinionated person, had her own set of morals and standards she stood by. She always prided herself on being an honest and fair person. She had had a theory of her own on almost every subject. And she did what she said. “I hate snakes and hypocrites”, used to be her mantra.
And now, she couldn’t believe herself. She was doing things she had never imagined she would ever do. She felt things she never believed could happen to her. She was saying things she could never ever even dream of.

But life had its own ways. We are foolish to think that life will the turn the way we think it will. And it teaches us precisely that. In its own worldly ways.
When she reached back home, she took a bath and got ready. She checked her appearance in the mirror before leaving the house. “Perfect”, she said smiling ,”just like love”.

She reached her ‘office’, a small rented room taken only a week back. Outside the board read ,”For exciting job offers in Dubai and immediate Passports. Satisfaction guaranteed”. The ‘office’ was located on the outskirts of the city. Gullible people would walk in and hand over their life’s savings to her so that they could go abroad and earn thrice as much for their families. “So what is the harm if I am doing the same for my family”, she justified to herself as she saw people started to come in for the day.

A month later, there is no sign of the ‘office’. The room is empty, save the weather beaten bare walls. People start to gather outside the office before the start for the day. Some have come on the pretext of being promised of a job, others have come to collect their Passports who have already landed a lucrative job in Dubai. As the sun travels across the sky, a little uneasiness sweeps over the crowd. By the evening, the crowd is an angry mob and as impatience gets the better of them, they break open the door of the ‘office’ only to find their worst fears come true.

And a hundred kms away, a train leaves the station and with it the unfulfilled dreams of the scores of people whose money Nisha is eloping with. She has a grim satisfaction on her face. She has fallen into a deep slumber after destroying any signs of an ‘office’ and then travelling 40 kms to catch her train before people were out of their beds. She is dreaming of the time , 2 years ago when her father was alive.

Then ,she had never thought of money more than a means to an end. But after the tragic incident when her father had died in a car accident, the responsibility of her mother and younger sister fell on her. And carefree and playful childhood years ended when she had to do odd jobs to support her family. And her heart cried out for her baby sister, who was eight years younger to her, and she found it difficult to support her studies.
As the train halted at the next station, Nisha was jolted out of her trance and she double checked the locks on her bag which contained her earnings. When she was satisfied, she sat there thinking about her next plan and next destination. She made a mental note to call home and send them a money order as soon as she reached there. She took her diary out and started to scribble,“They say Love makes the world go round. And I think they are damn correct :-)”.

And with these thoughts she turned to her booty in the bag, gave a soft innocent smile and said those magical words “I Love You”.

PS: This is an old post written by me. SOme of you might already have read it on a different forum.

The Stranger….

I met her a long, long time ago. The perfect stranger. But somehow, I felt like I had vaguely known her.
She was almost the same age as I was. Yet she was so different.

I was a very quiet child. I didn’t talk much and kept my feelings pretty much to myself.
She laughed exuberantly when she was happy. She was down in the dumps when sad. She occasionally cursed and abused people when they crossed lines too close for comfort.

I flinched at the thought of calling people names. I couldn’t so much as hurt an insect. I put a smile on my face when I was happy. I tried to appear normal when sad, even though I cried a little in isolation. Even as a child, I acted or tried to act like a grown up person would. By grownups I mean, people who are never “too happy”. They are just happy and they smile. When they are sad, they try and appear “normal”.

But she was what she was. Made up of raw emotions. I realized that she had been given the independence to be herself. By God himself. She was innocence personified.

Needless to say, I was inspired by her. Children at a young often are.

I shouted at Mom. She stared back. In disbelief. She hadn’t seen this side of me, ever.
She was pushing me to the brink. We had an argument. I got up and screamed at her.

I suddenly realized the graveness of my action. Mom left the room in a huff.

Sheepishly, I pulled myself up and looked at her in the eye. Across the room. In the mirror on the opposite wall.

That was the day I realized how different I was on the outside and inside. That was the day I acknowledged the presence of a soul. My soul. Which hitherto had been a stranger to me. It was pure. I was not. I tried to be. Still trying.

Disclaimer: This a work of fiction written for a weekly theme

Home Alone…

As I lie in bed trying to sleep, my sub-conscious (let’s just call it SC) reminds me that I am alone in the house today. ALL ALONE. The fear starts creeping back in. I had, with all my might, pushed it out of me, myself and my system. But it makes its way as stealthily as a snake creeps inside unseen holes, like water seeps through invisible cracks. I remind myself to not drink too much water, for obvious reasons. I would be too afraid to venture out of the room at night. But my throat is dry at the thought of the long night that lies ahead of me. Maybe I should forget all this and try to catch those precious forty winks.But SC is playing games with me. It is reminding me of all those spooky horror stories that I have long forgotten. Does that scare me? To be frank….Yes. I am scared to the bare skin of my soul.
I have started surfing the net. All that meets my eye is what SC wants. I see Live Die Blood Love Care Ghosts. I hope you get the drift. Hmm…The AC just tripped and I skipped a heartbeat. Some strange noise outside that goes like ‘thak, thak, thak’. What to do? I am feeling hungry also. Kitchen is a dangerous place to be at night. All those night dwelling creatures decide to make their presence known on the Red Carpet. And when the tube light flickers to a start, they think it’s the shutterbugs. I can see them posing right now. :-)) Seriously funny!!!!
This reminds me of a funny incident. Once on a similar night, I was so frightened that I had mistaken an egg for…..what….why can’t I remember?? Let me think….hmm…I think I wanted a cookie and was trying to crack an egg instead. Oohhh…how horrified I had been on seeing that cracked egg in my hand. I was sure it was the satan’s doing. And once my little nephew was so petrified that he let himself loose with the commode cover still over the seat. LOL
*YAWN*  I am really sleepy now. SSShhhh…”speaking in a hushed tone” Just made a maamu of SC with all those stories. He’s still engrossed in them. Finally I can enjoy a peaceful sleep.
The clock strikes twelve. SC is dead asleep, and so am I. Well, almost.