The little girl

Bastard and illegitimate were just some of the words that her new born had often been labelled with. The baby was born to her and her live-in partner. They had decided to keep the baby when they found out, at 12 weeks. As expected, their parents had not agreed to the match or them having a baby together without getting married. 

The little baby girl is 5 years old now. She is young and vivacious, and her innocence personified features make her look angelic. Her maternal grandma has come down to meet her, finally. One look at her and she can’t help but exclaim, “Oh dear! You are so beautiful!” while the proud father looks on.

The little girl’s mother sighs in a corner, “Ma, that’s because she was made when we made love. Not when we had sex”. She then starts humming her favorite song to drown the voices in her head which screamed “desperate, lust, stigma, sex, illicit, bastard, illegitimate”.


Our house still reeks of love. I think it always will. All the unsaid words and feelings, I can feel them floating around. You love me, you say. I believe you. Only that your love is biased towards your own self. 


I toy with the idea of moving away. I know it will be difficult, but necessary for my self-respect. I wouldn’t be able to survive in this house anymore. My place of refuge, my place of solace, has turned into a prison.

I wonder if I would ever meet another man and fall in love. Again. It seems impossible. No man would be like you. And for me, love is you. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I couldn’t. 

Our house reeks of love. I think it always will.

Fashionista High with Baggout !

My ever favorite, the eternal fashionista Sarrah Jessica Parker (SJP), more famously known as Carrie Bradshaw (of Sex and the City fame) arrives in India. She is someone who needs no mention. She is someone who throws out all the fashion books while dressing and creates her own style. And because this is a hypothetical situation, I am accompanying her on her Delhi tour 😉

SJP : You know, I really love the burst of colors on Indian roads. You guys have a range of fabrics, so many apparels and designs to choose from.

GS : Oh yes! You will find clothes ranging from an LBD, tunics, Kurtis to skirts, leggings and saris in an average Indian woman’s wardrobe.

SJP : And despite this horrible weather, I see all these young girls on the road sporting such fashionable clothes. And the shoes! Don’t even get me started. I love the jutis, the kolhapuris, the flats and the heels.

GS : Awww Sarah. We all know your love for shoes now, don’t we?

SJP : (Smiling) Yes! If only I could take all this back with me.

GS : But you can.

SJP : Thank you darling. But I am in no mood to go out shopping in the Delhi heat. Running from shop to shop in this weather is not really my idea of a vacation :-

GS : But SJP, you can buy all this sitting right here and you can also get some great deals and cash

SJP : Really? Can I? This sounds too good to be true.

GS : Just check out this website BaggOut. They have stuff from all the major brands. And they also offer coupons and cash back when you shop!

SJP : Wow, this looks awesome. I think I can find everything here. And how did you say, the cash back thing works?

GS : Here, this is how

SJP : OK. I think my itinerary for the day is set. I am going to explore this awesome website and gift myself some really cool stuff.

GS : And also some great deals! 😉

And so, while SJP is busy browsing the BaggOut website for filling up her Indian wardrobe, I wrote out this post for you, so you don’t miss out on some great deals and merchandise.

Edited to add: you can read my interview on BaggOut here

PS: This post has been selected as one of the top 5 Most Creative Entries in the contest. 🙂


A pony sized surprise!

“Congratulations. It’s a horse”, says the doctor.

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They both look at each other. Exasperated. How could it be? How could they have possibly borne a horse? He went around in his head thinking of all her relatives who had any connections with the species of the stallion kind. She was tying yo join the dots. Probably that’s the reason why the baby used to kicked so much. They caught each other looking at each other and smiled uncomfortably.

The nurse said it was time for the baby to feed.

“How the hell are the doctors treating this as some kind of normal or daily occurrence?” shrieked the wife in helplessness as she heard the nurse walking out.
The husband shrugged his shoulders and wiped his brow.

She heard the door click. Now was the moment of truth they had been waiting for 9 months. To see their horse errr….baby!

As soon as the nurse came close to her, the alarm screeched beside her.
She woke up and checked on the husband sleeping beside her.

She wrote down No.20 and began to write in her diary marked “Crazy Pregnancy Dreams”!.

Is Love really sefless? Or above survival?

She loved him. More than anyone or anything else in this life. He loved her too. They were married for more than 3 years now and still had the same chemistry between them. If not same, better. Living together had made them even more considerate of each other’s needs. Nainika sincerely believed they were soul mates and not really just partners who had loved, got married and settle down. Everybody knew they were perfect for each other and she could never thank God enough for what she had in her life. A nice family, supportive in-laws, a God-sent husband, a good career. When she folded her hands to prayer, she didn’t know what to ask. Instead she thanked God a million times for all that He had blessed her with.
 Nainika waited for Manik impatiently on the bed. As they started to get cozy and intimate, she told him, “I love you so much. I think I can die for you”. Manik was not really pleased with the D-word. It put out his mood. But Nainika kindly explained to him that she had said that only because she was too afraid of death and it’s unpredictability. But ever since Manik had made her life so beautiful, she wouldn’t mind giving it away for him, rather than ever have to live without him. Manik understood and kissed her with all the passion in his heart. The night wore on and so did the love.
 Manik shouted “Naini, come here. Look at the beautiful view”. Nainika carefully made her way off-track and went in the direction where Manik stood. She exclaimed when she saw a small lake surrounded by beautiful mountains, lush green grass, completely concealed in a corner in the middle of the jungle. Immediately, they both decided to run down and steal a quick kiss. Manik helped Nainika down to the lake where they sat down admiring nature’s beauty, looking into each other’s eyes, stolen kisses and breathless promises were made.

 As it started to turn dark, they realized they had sat there far longer they had planned to. They started on the trek again, oblivious of the facts that they were completely on the wrong trail. As night fell, and stars appeared in the sky, they reached a huge waterfall that was nowhere in the trail they had been following. But they decided to rest the night there and follow up with their friends in the morning. Both of them were tired to their bones. Nainika was quite terrified too. The darkness and the eerie silence made her uncomfortable and she jumped at the slightest noise. Manik held her in his arms and soothed her like a baby. After a while they both fell asleep.
 Nainika woke up with a start. She thought she had heard some noises, but since she didn’t want to disturb Manik, she kept still. But now she was sure there was some wild animal waiting to make them his next meal. But what came out of the adjacent bushes got the better of her scariest nightmares. She saw a herd of men, more like tribals, who wear only leaves around their genitalia. They held spears and pointed it at them as a threating gesture. Nainika shook Manik up and for a couple of uncomfortable seconds, no one spoke a word.
Assuaging the situation, Manik finally spoke up, “Wh-What do you want?”
Immediately Manik and Nainika were separated and bound with thick ropes. The tribals did not say a word to them and spoke excitedly amongst themselves in a language that both Manik and Nainika couldn’t decipher. They both tried to calm each other and said their “I Love You” in English and Hindi. At about 3’o clock they both were forcibly taken near the huge waterfall they had earlier encountered on their way. Manik was stammering and Nainika crying. With fear. Finally, after much persuasion from them, their chief, a menacingly looking man, came forward and spoke some broken Hindi. Manik and Nainika froze. They ears were buzzing as if somebody had boxed them. “Sacrifice…1….man…woman….good luck…rain…happy….god”.
It didn’t take them long to realize that these tribals wanted to sacrifice and throw one of them down the waterfall to appease the rain gods. But they didn’t know who would be chosen.
Just then, another bomb dropped on them. The chief tribal pointed his spear towards Nainika and asked her to be brought forward. Nainika took one look down the waterfall, then looked at Manik with horror in her eyes and stepped forward. And then the chief spoke again, “you decide….who goes to the God”.

The sacrifice was to be made at the crack of dawn. Both of them were hung on poles with their hand and legs tied apart. Below them, they could see the waterfall gushing, as if prophesizing its mightiness. Both Manik and Nainika were speechless. The only words they both could hear were “I love you Manik. I could die for you”!
Nainika jumped and woke up with a start. She was sweating profusely despite the air conditioning in the room. Nainika was bewildered as she realized she had been in a horrible dream and started crying. Manik sat up, confused and looked at the clock. It was 5’o clock in the morning and sun was just about to rise. Manik laughed softly when he heard that his wife was crying due to a nightmare. He gave her some water to drink, calmed her down and went back to sleep. Nainika, however, could not sleep.
 She kept tossing and turning. Only she knew in her heart the terror she had gone through. It was real. She could feel the fear of death in her ribs and heart and that the prospect of dying had put a lot of things in perspective for her. Including the love she had for Manik. And more importantly, herself. She kept thinking whose name she would have taken in the dream. She wanted to hear herself say Manik, but she knew better. She had just seen another facet of the human mind.