While I yawn…..

I am completely spaced out right now. Into my own.
There is a deafening silence around me. The sound of punching keys brings a sense of comfort. That I am not all alone in this. And that I am in office stirs a little chord in my guilty conscience. But then, I am just sprinkling a little water on a candle that has been lit from both ends. That shouldn’t hurt so much, right?

It feels like the lull before the storm. A list of festivities are queued up for the month. We start with Ram Navmi, Dusshera, follow it up with Karvachauth (my first) a week later, and then, Diwali. The month then ends with my nephew’s birthday and the next month brings in mom’s. I am already mentally tired running here and there, doing the mammoth preparations. Add to it the daily routine of coming to office and going back and looking after the house.

And add to it, the search for a home that H and I intend to buy in the near future and a car that we want to sell off and eventually buy a new one again. And then this dreaded ‘Recession’ sword hanging on our necks that can come down on us, anytime. It just makes taking a decision so much more difficult.
And then add to it, the mental notes of taking a parlor appointment, getting my bangles and saris in place for the coming festivals and not forgetting to get my hands henna-ed in time.
And then, have to call up the tailor to take the measurements and get the new curtains and sofa covers ready in time. Woof!
I think that’s that!
So people, while I yawn and may look like the most lazy person around,  just whiling away my time, I have more than enough on my hands to take care of.
And amidst all that, it just slipped my mind to mention that I got a load to finish before leaving office. *Sigh*