Fashionista High with Baggout !

My ever favorite, the eternal fashionista Sarrah Jessica Parker (SJP), more famously known as Carrie Bradshaw (of Sex and the City fame) arrives in India. She is someone who needs no mention. She is someone who throws out all the fashion books while dressing and creates her own style. And because this is a hypothetical situation, I am accompanying her on her Delhi tour 😉

SJP : You know, I really love the burst of colors on Indian roads. You guys have a range of fabrics, so many apparels and designs to choose from.

GS : Oh yes! You will find clothes ranging from an LBD, tunics, Kurtis to skirts, leggings and saris in an average Indian woman’s wardrobe.

SJP : And despite this horrible weather, I see all these young girls on the road sporting such fashionable clothes. And the shoes! Don’t even get me started. I love the jutis, the kolhapuris, the flats and the heels.

GS : Awww Sarah. We all know your love for shoes now, don’t we?

SJP : (Smiling) Yes! If only I could take all this back with me.

GS : But you can.

SJP : Thank you darling. But I am in no mood to go out shopping in the Delhi heat. Running from shop to shop in this weather is not really my idea of a vacation :-

GS : But SJP, you can buy all this sitting right here and you can also get some great deals and cash

SJP : Really? Can I? This sounds too good to be true.

GS : Just check out this website BaggOut. They have stuff from all the major brands. And they also offer coupons and cash back when you shop!

SJP : Wow, this looks awesome. I think I can find everything here. And how did you say, the cash back thing works?

GS : Here, this is how

SJP : OK. I think my itinerary for the day is set. I am going to explore this awesome website and gift myself some really cool stuff.

GS : And also some great deals! 😉

And so, while SJP is busy browsing the BaggOut website for filling up her Indian wardrobe, I wrote out this post for you, so you don’t miss out on some great deals and merchandise.

Edited to add: you can read my interview on BaggOut here

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