Do Fairness creams actually make one Fair ?

Ok. So I am writing this post from the posh new dust-free keyboard of my own laptop. YES! I have been gifted a brand new laptop by


. Yayyy! I am super happy because that means that now I have My own laptop to carry where ever I go, and write whenever I want to. So no more sneaking on blogger from office, and no waiting for the laptop to be free. After all, creativity cannot be scheduled. It just spills over at unearthly hours. And now I have my own gadget to channel it, just the way I want.

So, coming back to the point,  the other day I was just browsing through the infinite channels on TV, and counted that on an average, every second commercial on TV is for a fairness cream. You have one for men, for women, unisex, teens, preteens, kids, infants, anti-ageing, spot-free, wrinkle-free and what not! Not only does that make your life and bathroom almirah cluttered with so many of them, even trying to choose one could give one, moments of anxiety and restlessness. But the point is, do these things actually work?
I mean, forgive me for sounding cheesy, but do fairness creams actually make you fair? And by fair, I don’t mean only the gorapan, but also the quality of being unbiased (fair) in your life? Sorry for the lame analogy, but I couldn’t help but think about the theory of beauty being only skin deep et al.We, as a nation, are obsessed with the firangis’ white skin, but aren’t we as a nation also looked upon as the land of beauty, principles and knowledge?
I look around myself, and find the 7-yr old and 17-yr old put on the ‘creams’ and make up, and trying to look like 20-somethings. And  37 and 47-yr oldies putting on different creams and make up to look like 17. All this while the 27 year old revels in her beauty and youth and uses creams to make 27 stay for another 10 years at least. Wow! Seems like only the youth is living in the present, while everybody else is in denial of their preteens, teens and middle age. In today’s world, is beauty really, only skin deep? Do we judge people only based on their skin color, or by the brand of clothes/shoes/watch/fragrance or worse still, their pay packets? Whatever happened to the old world thought of looking beyond a person’s outer appearance into their beautiful and gentle soul?
These days, I increasingly find myself amongst people who are judgmental, comment loosely about others’ life without even realizing for a second what their life journey would have been and even have the guts to talk about rights and life-is-not-fair-to-me without knowing the basic facts about their so-called ‘rights’. I refrain from giving these crackpots a piece of my mind at the fear of sounding judgmental myself. I think “Self realization is the best realization”.

And then, I had this funny thought which is why this post was written in the first place. What if we could have a fairness cream which not only made our skin tone lighter, took away blemishes and wrinkles, made us look younger, but could also beautify us internally? Science has made so much progress and Man is everywhere he has no business being in. Why can’t these guys make creams that not only have lemon extracts and aloe vera but also a spoonful of Baba Kaamdev’s yoga techniques. The ultimate 2-in-1 method of being gori and fit! Or may be sprinkled with Posho’s teachings for the more intellectual ones. So when the next time, somebody in my vicinity tch-tches and says, “I think he is gay!”, I would (not snicker) put on my best smile and suggest them to use the new Advanced Volay cream with Sri Sri Kavi Shankar ji’s blessings to make their mind and thinking broad enough to accept a person with a different sexual orientation as a normal human being!

PS: All the characters’ names are ficitonal and resemblance to any person living or dead is purely coincidental. ;-))