CarConnect – A one stop shop Car Mall !

Do you love cars?
Do you love technology?
Do you know that there is something that combines these two? Something I am sure you will love.


This is a website that literally “has it all

Navigation is super easy. You can login through your Facebook account and make a profile.
Later, you have loads of information at your click to explore. You can find your virtual friends here who share your passion for cars. You have the luxury of sharing your experiences and reading about others’.

There are “Car News” and “New Launches” sections that I am sure, will ring a bell with all car enthusiasts. I can vouch for this as the husband is a car fanatic. He knows all the specifications of all the latest cars in the market. What better than a “one stop shop” to find this information?

Not only it comes in super handy when you are looking out for new cars to buy, but also when you are looking out for information on the already launched cars.

But the one feature that totally “seals it” for me is the “Compare Cars” section.

You can select any brand, and it’s model and variants and compare it with any other car of another make. I tried this feature and it said the comaprison PDF would be mailed within 48 hours. I think, some instant information would be even better. What do you think?

I think CarConnect is a website that is nothing short of a Car Mall experience for people who have a passion for cars. It not only helps you to keep updated with the latest trends and news in the automobile industry, it will help you a great deal while you decide to buy a car. Not only you get all specification and features reviewed, you also get some “real” reviews and experiences to help you make a better decision. Do check it out!

The fruit of my labor!!

This post is dedicated to all my friends who are in the family way and want to know my delivery experience. You see, it’s not something I can sum up in a few words. It’s a long drawn out experience. So sit back and enjoy. Better if you can haul in a tub of popcorn.

So I was in my 39th week of pregnancy and there were still no signs of  labor. The doc had asked us to wait for another week.
It was a friday, and I was feeling pretty exhausted. I decided to make it my last working day in office. As luck would have it, I woke up with mild pains on saturday morning. Inspite of the pain, I was happy because finally something was happening. H was informed, and we both decided to get ready and head to the hospital. By the time we had groomed ourselves for the little one’s arrival, the pains had subsided too. We thought they would come back. We were in for disappointment. 6 hours of labor pain had amounted to nothing. Quite obviously, I was upset.

The rest of  Saturday passed without any drama. Sunday was pretty much the same. I went for my regular walk on sunday evening and that’s when I felt mild contractions. I ignored them as signs of false labor again. By 10 in the night, the contractions were still mild but regular. But the disappointed me went off to sleep. I slept fitfully for a couple of hours as the contractions continued.  By 3 in the morning, the pains were harder and woke up H 😛 I still belived this was not real, and decided to see the gynae closer home before heading to the hospital.  😛

The gynae at the hospital confirmed that indeed I was in active labor. In pain, but happy again, we set
out for the hospital at 4 in the morning. I was in a lot of pain by the time we started for hospital and  I was worried if we would reach the hospital in time. Reach the hospital we did and I was duly admitted at 5 in the morning.

What followed was hours and hours of gruelling, mind numbing pain. I cried and cried and requested the doctor and nurses to do a C-sec. But the doc knew it was the pain talking, not me. After a couple of hours, the nurses weren’t sympathetic either. I got a good hearing from the nurses many a times but nothing mattered. The pain loomed large over everything. I was sure I was going to die 😛

Finally around 2 pm, after 16 hours of excruciatingly  maddening pains, little S finally made a grand entry in this world. The scene inside the labor room was quite filmy though. There I was, crying from the pain, quite like how they show in the movies. The gynae and the nurses were, quite film-ily asking me to push harder and harder. In the final moments, when I literally pushed the life out of me,
and S was born, I fell back tired and relived. And a couple of seconds later, i heard the typical “uaan uaan” crying of the infant. I think I smiled in my heart 🙂

But filmy or not, it’s true that the sight of your newborn at that moment is enough to make you forget all the pain.

Little S makes me happy 🙂