When your problem is not actually The problem !!

Sometimes it’s not the problem but the thought or our perception of the problem that troubles us more. A kid thinks that there can’t be anything worse than a lost pencil or eraser because he dreads his mommy’s temper back home. History and Mathematics are the biggest trouble makers for the teens and a broken heart for all college goers. But there are people in this world who do not have the luxury of owning such “problems”, because for them survival is the biggest challenge. They don’t know where their next meal is coming from; the kids don’t know what a school is or whether they will ever go to one. 
For instance, take me and my hair. I have never had the privilege of owning a long healthy mane. It’s a genetic thing. My mom has hair like that and so do I – light, frizzy and dry! Now having to deal with something like that is like being punished for none of your fault. But I only realized this later that it is a very small price to pay for all the other luxuries that God has bestowed me with.


I had a typical boy-cut hair style for my entire school life and even during the first year of college. They say college changes you in many ways. I saw girls doing stuff to their hair during parties and functions. Some plaited them loosely with a lonely strand flirtingly left loose, while others let loose the entire length to make the boys drool and to make the girls jealous. And jealous I did get. And ironically enough, all my girl-friends had waist length lustrous hair. It was during this time that I decided to grow my hair, and to come out of the self inflicted tomboyish image. But then when your genes deprive you of something, you hardly can make up for it externally. My hair did grow but the growth wasn’t too good, nor was the quality of hair. They were limp and frizzy and looked like a pig’s tail. There was no volume and it was lifeless. 
Then a couple of years back, my aunt suggested me to try 


Oil therapy as it was specifically designed for dry and lifeless hair. I had tried various other “specially for dry hair” shampoo brands and apparently nothing had worked. And so, although, I did give this one a try, I didn’t keep up with it. Because deep down I always believed that I could never have hair like Rapunzel or any other Disney ladies because I was just not born with it. Even though Dove did moisturize my hair well and made it look more manageable, I still let go of it! Sigh!

Sometime back, I happened to meet the aunt. I was aghast to see her cropped hair. Being a true blue South Indian, I had always seen her hip length thick wavy jet black hair that could give any shampoo commercial model a run for her money. She was the “gurukul” as far as the hair problems of the girls in our family were concerned. So I asked her why she had so mercilessly cropped her mane, even though secretly in my heart I was admiring her in the new hair cut. And it was then that she revealed that she had been diagnosed with cancer and had undergone a couple of chemotherapy sessions and that was the reason for her short hair. In fact she had lost them all, and she had come visiting only when she had recovered her health as well as some of her hair. I couldn’t react. My mouth fell, I froze. 
Everyone started reminiscing about the older days when she was the cynosure of all eyes because of her hair. And I just remembered what she always used to say. That what you have got is so much more than what other people can only dream of.  But I always cribbed about my imperfect life because I couldn’t be attractive like the other girls. She always encouraged me saying that it was so much easier to style light hair whereas she had no option but to plait her never ending thick mane. It never made sense to me. I just wanted what I couldn’t get. But that day at that moment I realized what she had been saying all along.
The problem was not if I could get hair like hers. The problem actually was what I could do with my hair like it was. I had a shampoo that was working for me and I just had to make full use of it. And that moment of realisation was the beginning of the end of my hair problems. I only had to look at it from a different perspective and in actuality, work towards a solution instead of crying foul about the un-fairness of it all!
It’s been some time since I have been using Dove and you know what have I done with it? I have changed my weakness into my strength. My hair still doesnt have too much volume, but it’s way more silky, smooth and presentable. And what’s more! I can leave it loose, pin it up or just make a mess of it. Just like aunty said. There’s a solution to every problem, sometimes right in front of us. We just have to start looking for it, instead of cribbing about it.
And that’s my chic ponytail look with fringes! Tell me you like it 😛
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