So, I had my Eureka moment recently.
Now, I have never been much of a domestic Goddess, which means that I have never been good at cleaning, cooking, baking, sewing, or any of those tasks that girls are supposed to be good at. And then staying alone after college, slogging it out in office and practically living on Maggi didn’t help matters much.

So until recently when I got married, I had no need to do any of the above mentioned tasks. For that matter, nobody forced me to do them even later. But it was somehow always on my guilt conscience that I wasn’t able to satisfy H with my culinary skills. Apparently, he didn’t have a problem with my non-existent knowledge of the kitchen stuff, but a complete disinterest and an almost hateful attitude towards it. So sometimes I have done an odd job or two in the kitchen to please him and, of course, haven’t been much of a success.

But recently what happened was nothing less than an experience of what Newton would have felt when he discovered G (gravitational force). And that was when I discovered the magic of the rolling pin and tawa and my Skill. 😉
For a change, I wanted to rest Ma, and decided to roll out chapattis myself. And was myself left gaping with a Big-Wide-Open-Mouth at the roundness and softness of the roti. It seemed like a mistake, which I wished I’d always do! The first one did give me a feeling as if I was looking at my own baby, and marvelling at my skill of having created it. I don’t know how and when the change came over…but what a change!
For most of the ladies out there, it’s an everyday job and they are so good at it, and they might feel bored of my making so much fuss about it. But I seriously never thought that I’d be able to do it. H is delighted, to say the least. And so am I, for finally having conquered that bit of rocket science that I thought I’d never be able to. 😛

So, what’s your Eureka story?

PS: My nephew M has rechristened me as Drawing-er for helping me with his drawing book, and a Projector …well u can guess why! The little supercute devil :-))