It’s composite !

OK people…
This post is nothing too intelligent or enlightening (there never is!), but an only attempt to end the year on a composite note (rolling eyes :-))
I was just browsing through the blog, and generally replying to some comments, when I my eyes fell on 59. Yeah, that was the total number of blog posts for the year 2011. Now I am a kind of weirdo when it comes to mathematics and numbers.
I like composite numbers more. Not that I don’t like the primes, I just like them in their own unique way.

Composite numbers for me spell great compatibilty and flexibility, just because they are divisible by So many Numbers ;-))
So as per the plan, I was going to write the HNY post and some of my vacation details later, but I just had to do this now.
I will be satisfied at the sight of a flexi 60, just like I am right now, after having my favorite bowl of Maggi noodles. A serene contentment and all that ! I hope you guys understand the sentiment.

I hope we all maintain the level of weirdness that we have that just makes us each of us as unique as everyone else! Wat an irony….just like the New Year celebrations…just like Life…which, supposedly, happens to be a prime number in my dictionary!!!!