Happy happy holi..!!!!!

Well, the festival of colours is here. And yes, I am pretty excited about it too. Its my first Holi post-marriage, so all the more special. :-))
But I am also very upset and scared at the way things are unfolding for the Japanese. As if the earthquake and tsunami were not enough to test their courage, the nuclear disaster is looming large over their heads. Its been almost a week since the mammoth 9R earthquake, and the after tremors haven’t completely stopped yet. People are in a state of shock over the loss of life and property and that’s not all. They have to run for their own lives now.
And apart from the citizens, I think everyone owes a huge applause for the crew of 50 at the Fukushima Daichii plant who are still continuing with their duties. The radiation level in and around the plant are way above the human permissible limits, but they are still very much there and doing their duty. I think we immortals, owe our lives to the likes of these men.
The spring season is going to start in Japan. Like the start of all good things, I hope Japan can soon start afresh. I hope the nuclear crisis ends soon and people can go back and start building their homes and lives with renewed vigour and courage. Amen.
And to all you beautiful people out there…have a blast with colours and friends and sweets and family and more colours. But more importantly, please play safe (pun intended ;-)))
Take care guys.
Ciao until we meet again.