Z zips Zero!

I have often written about my love of numbers. No wonder, my favorite subject throughout school and college was Mathematics. And so, when it came to the last letter of the challenge, I just had to do a Zero 🙂

Zero is a very interesting concept. It holds no value. It is nothing. Zilch. Yet, it is very important in the scheme of things. It signifies absence, or the presence of nothing in this world of somethings. Even though it has no value, yet when multiplied with the biggest number, can turn it to zero. But when you add zero to any number, the number just stays the same. Zero is pretty much like vacuum. It signifies the presence of nothing, which in turn explains a lot of things around us.

In our scheme of worldly things, zero is pretty downgraded. Anyone who is supposedly running behind in the rat race is termed a zero. I find the analogy bizzare. Zeroes are pretty powerful, aren’t they? Remember the multiply part? Even in life, we should be glad of our zeroes.
Zero sadness
Zero tragedy
Zero health problems
Zero loans etc

Because if anything, zeroes don’t take anything from our lives. Unless, we insist on multiplying a zero to everything we have and making life inconsequential. Enjoy life. Don’t regret a zero in your life. It is there for a reason. Enjoy what you have. Because one day, the survival rate of each of us is going to drop to a Zero 😉


Y yells Yahoo!

I could not think of a better topic to write about as we reach the fag end of the A-Z blogging challenge, and my first one at that. It is indeed very amusing to me that in the almost 4 years of my blogging, I had never dared to sign up for it before. I didn’t think I would be able to write everyday. I didn’t think I would have enough material or enough will to sustain.

And look when I finally found the strength and conviction to do it? When I was home bound with my 4 month old, all alone! Mind it! With the husband out of the country, my days and nights just go by between her naps and feeding and diaper change and play time. And yet, every night, after putting her to bed, I sat all groggy eyed in front of the laptop to write for the next days’ post. Knowing completely well, that I was typing away goodbye to more than an hour of sleep when my God knows how much of every minute I needed it.

This A-Z challenge has not only been a blogging challenge for me, but a challenge for real. The first time in life when I felt like a grown up with responsibilities. But I am glad, the practical grown up me made way for the headstrong younger me who wanted to finish the challenge in style, come what may. I am very impressed with myself, to say the least. Modesty be damned! I think I deserve to say it to myself. And I am also happy about the fact that I have not really done any cheat posts as I had thought I would if I didn’t find time or an interesting topic. Like just a photo post or something that didn’t require me to write or spend any time. And so, I have also done justice to my writing throughout the challenge.

So let me just go ahead and say it again.. YAYYY YAHOOOOO !!!!! 🙂