The latent cooking gene!

And so, if you have been reading up, you would know my cooking journey has finally commenced, and how! I never thought I would ever talk about cooking on my blog, or discuss recipes with my friends. If people who can’t dance have two left feet, then I, with my zero cooking abilities,  am definitely one with two left hands. But clearly, times have changed.

Recently, our American neighbor came over for a short visit. He was intrigued by the “aroma” wafting through our house. I showed him the freshly cooked “bhindi ki subzi“in the kitchen. After tasting it, he remarked,”Its so delicious. You must open a restaurant”. Well,to say the least, that is a huge compliment for someone who has two left hands.

And while we are on the subject, let me also share some pics of the banana bread cake that I recently baked. It came out great too, much like the cookies. Well, seems like, the beginner’s luck is really working. My latent cooking gene is finally alive.
And no, I will not be sharing any recipes or have my food blog any time soon. Because, I am learning, and trying out other people’s recipes. So.

Enjoy the pics. And tell me, the cake looks delicious. Because it surely tastes delicious 🙂
And excuse me if I go overboard with the food pics for a while. But that’s because I never believed I could do this stuff. I am so freaked out and excited that I can’t keep calm!


Banana bread cake. Fresh off the oven

The Birthday Diaries!

I turned an year older recently. Time to celebrate the beginning of a new one? Or to grieve the loss of one? I didn’t do either. I have never been too big on birthdays. Going berserk and celebrating and partying is not my style. The idea of a single day to commemorate an entire year doesn’t go down too well with me. We grow with each passing day. Shouldn’t we be doing our favorite things everyday? Reading, meeting family and taking vacations? 🙂

But that doesn’t mean anything because H won’t let the day go by as easily. He makes sure to make it special one way or the other. I love exploring new places, and so the last 2 years we just did that. We took vacations. I wrote about the first one, but never got around to writing about the vacation last year. We had gone to Amritsar and then the picturesque Mcleodgunj. This year, somehow, no plans materialized. The day was completely unplanned and we had just decided to take a leave from office and then decide on the day what we wanted to do.

We met both sets of parents and H‘s side of grand parents. Then went shopping and bought some stuff that we needed. Had my sweet cousins give us a surprise late evening as they dropped by and we cut the cake before 12. Again.

As for the gift, this is the best that a bibilophile like me could have asked for. Isn’t H a sweetheart? 🙂

From my to-read list!
An angry-birds reading light! 😉

Since M (the twin) is in US this year, the birthday cake was cut with the other half watching from skype.
Here goes the twins’ birthday cake and the skype session 🙂

Another one for the day! (courtesy my super awesome office friends)
 This completely unplanned birthday threw up some really unexpected surprises. Like every year, it was a day well spent with wishes from friends and family flying in from all parts of the world. The FB wall was inundated, so was the mail box and the phone was kept ringing. Thank you God for making me feel so blessed year after year 🙂 Thank you much!