Boo-shelf !

For as long as I remember, I have always loved books. I have always wanted more of them. And when I grew up a little, I wanted to own a library. Slowly the dream shrunk to an affordable and manageable book shelf. School and college kept us busy through the years, but the passion for reading and penchant for books never dimmed.

Once I got married, I knew that it was finally possible for me to turn my dream into a reality. When the husband and I shifted to our own place, we started our book collection from scratch. Our collection uptil now lay safely in our homes as we didn’t have a safer option right away. And later, we kept it that way. But over time, we kept reading and kept buying. But my ideal bookshelf was always at the back of my mind. And until then, we kept storing our books on our bedside tables. And later on, in shoe boxes and cartons.

We kept scouring furniture markets and online shops for our first ever book shelf. Of course, it had to be special. Finally, this year, we were able to zero in on a very old-school looking wooden bookshelf. It was something we both liked at the first go. And so it was bought.

I was so excited, I wanted to have a ribbon cutting ceremony for it. Lol. Well that never happened, but I did place little S’s books first in the bookshelf and prayed to God she would read as much 🙂

I think I had the best time opening the dusty cartons, cleaning my books and placing them in the shelf. I also randomly opened my favorite books and read random pages from them. Such fun!


This is a picture of it. It occupies a place of pride in our hearts as well as our living room 🙂

PS: IF you read my

last post

, you would know that the title is not a spelling mistake 🙂

B for Bookshelf

“A man who does not read books has no advantage over the man who cannot read them”

There are things that you dream of when you are young. As you grow up, some of them remain with you, while others become a fond memory. So while the thought of marrying SRK has become an amusing memory now (even though I secretly wish it sometimes), the love for books has stayed with me. When I was younger, my dream was to have a library in my house. But of course, then, I grew up. And realized, thanks to the sky rocketing real estate prices, that I might never own a library.

My fantasy room would have an all white decor with 3 walls covered with rows and columns of books. And in the centre of the room, surrounded by my books, would be my rocking chair where I could read for hours on end. Cut to reality. We are yet to buy our own house. Don’t know how practical it would be to have an all white decor, considering it’s difficult and expensive upkeep.

But hey, I could own at least a decent (or 2) book shelves, with all my books lined in there beautifully. I would most proudly place it in my living room  and show it off. After all they are assets oof my hard earned money, bought and stored safely over the years.
So now, I know for sure the next piece of furniture that is going to adorn my house. And my life. It would be a part of my childhood dream come true.

PS : If you have have pointers regarding where I can find a smart and suave book shelf and does not cost a bomb, you know where to reach me 🙂