Transitioning to the Big 30!

I have been away from this space for too long now. I don’t even want to count the number of months because it depresses me. In reality, I had almost given up on the blog. It started with the usual reasons of not having enough time to write, but later I just couldn’t bring myself to write here again. As if the blog would berate me. But no, it’s just giving me the silent treatment! πŸ˜‰

I am a few days away from hitting the dreaded 30s. So I thought it would be a great thing to come back and rant about the exciting 20s, the underdog and which no-one-talks-about Quarter Life Crisis and the dreaded but inevitable 30s.

I always thought that 20s were overhyped. And everyone just kept going about, β€œβ€¦..but I am still in my 20s”. So? But now that I am on the brink of saying goodbye to the 20s, I think they deserve all the hype. In our entire life, this is the only decade which sees (most of us) transitioning from college to adulthood to relationships to marriage and children. That’s a lot of work for a decade. I wonder why no one talks about the Quarter Life Crisis. Its for real and I definitely seem to be growing through it. Its that phase when you have still not come to terms with the fact that from now on, and for forever, my life is going to be dictated by corporate culture and my child(ren). Because I have loans and school fees to pay. I have still to come to terms with the fact that health scares are for real. That sitting in front of a computer for 8 hours a day in an air conditioned office, and not drinking enough water can actually hurt your body. I have recently had my gall bladder removed due to stone formation. The prospect of cancer looms large after every pizza/coke meal, because c’mon, you are going to be 30. Your body’s deteriorating. The things that I took for granted in the 20s, well , seem to be coming back with a vengeance.

But in a certain way, I am actually looking forward to the 30s. Been married for 5 years and I still like my husband. So I guess I’m in good company for the years to come. We are also past that stage when we fought over silly things. Now we just shout at each other and then make up. No melodrama,no tears. As real as it can get. Post my surgery, we have also started taking our health a little bit more seriously. So the coming decade should be better. We have a loan, but we also have a house we can call our own. The little one makes our life a lot less spontaneous than it used to be, but the love she gives is the most wonderful feeling to have.

20s was good while it lasted.

30s, looking forward to a lot more excitement, less health scares and being positive enough to enjoy this transition. And until then, I would say “coz I am still in my 20s..” πŸ™‚



The Friendship Special!

Hello. Welcome back. I was away. Again. Not something that I like, but something that I can’t help either.

The husband has been travelling far too much for my liking. That left me with the little one, and a whole lot of more work. Plus the fact that she’s been not keeping well for quite some time now πŸ™ We have visited numerous doctors, and finally we think we know what’s wrong and we are taking steps to correct it. At this point, our whole focus is to really see her healthy. And so, the husband who had hardly been home for 10 days during the last 3 months finally came back last week. Since then, life is looking up. It’s feeling like a non-stop party. The little one is super excited to wake up to both parents πŸ™‚ And her health is half way better with daddy without any medicines. I really hope this phase stays longer.

I am so sad for not having done my birthday post this year. So I’ll do a little recap here. Because it is Friendship’s day today, and these very friends made my birthday so special.

Like last year, this year too, the husband was not supposed to be in town on my birthday. So I had booked tickets to travel to Ahmedabad (where he was stationed at the time). However, the little one fell ill at the last moment and I had to cancel my tickets. So apart from the loss of 5000 Rs, we also lost the entire special-birthday-meeting plan.And so I went to office (the little one was feeling better with the medicines) with no plans as this was a last minute change. But my awesome friends made sure that we went out for lunch. They also got me a cake and a card and wrote the sweetest messages. The evening was supposed to be a daily affair. I picked up S from the day care and went home. I was going about the usual housework when I got a call from colleagues cum friends who informed me they were coming over to celebrate my birthday. And so we had the second cake cutting of the day. We ate cake, sat around and indulged S who was really excited to have people in our house, other than her mum. They also got me one of the books that I have been wanting to read. you can imagine how euphoric I might have been! By the time they left, my sister called to inform me she had made some really nice dinner for the birthday. S and I reached their house when I got a call from another of my friends, who lives in the same society as us. She said she was coming over to wish me. She came home armed with delicious cupcakes. And so we had a third cake cutting of the day with my friend and S. The little one was really happy and majorly confused as to why we were singing the birthday song over and over that day. But she did enjoy all the attention and some cake. By the time I went to have my dinner, I was so stuffed with cake that I could hardly eat anything that the sister had made. I really felt bad and said as much.

My office friend, S and I


The cake cutting at lunch with friends πŸ™‚


When S insisted she would feed me cake and my friend decided to capture this. Sweet, right?

You can imagine how loved and blessed I have must have felt that day. Lots of people called, messaged and watsapp’ed their wishes. But these people who really took the time out for my big day are so special. Not that I am really big on birthday celebrations. But because it made me realize how truly blessed I am to have so much love in my life. AND. The birthday celebrations weren’t over yet. One of my friends (we go way back to college, and then together in out first company) called me and asked me what book I would like for my birthday. I told him that I hadn’t read Steig Larsson’s Millenium trilogy. So he could send me the first book, and I would order the rest if I liked it. The sweetheart that he is, he sent me the entire box set of 3 books. That’s not all. He also sent me a sweet note which said “They say, very few women admit their age, and very few men act their age. But yo do both of it and with equal grace. I wish you a very Happy Birthday ~ although belated. Enjoy!” So much love, my heart could explode.

Really, thank you guys, to each one of you. You know who you are. You are loved and revered. You are in my wishes and blessings. Always!
This is for all my friends – Happy Friendship’s Day! Now and always πŸ™‚

PS: While I was away, I also won a contest. Yay! You can read about it here and here.

Birthday 2014!

The birthday this year was way different than I ever imagined it to be.Like last year, it was just the two of us. But unlike last year, it was me and the little one, while the husband is out working on an out-of-India project. This is the second time that he and I have been away on my birthday. Of course, something that I don’t like much.

I have never been much of a birthday-party person, although a vacation is always welcome πŸ™‚ The next best thing is to do something fun and different with the husband, or go out for a movie/lunch/dinner with family. In the last couple of years, we have visited a zoo, attended a stand up comedy show and taken a vacation on my birthday. This year was all about changes. And literally so.

Yesterday, there was normal office work, although I have to mention a couple of things here.
A friend of mine baked a cake for me. Something very special and dear to me as no one has ever baked a cake for me before πŸ˜‰

It might not look all that tempting….but it was deliciously yummy!!!!!

Then, there were a lot of wishes – 150+ wishes on FB, phone messages, whatsapp messages and phone calls. Even though I did nothing special per se, I did feel special with all the blessings flowing in.
The evening was spent with the princess and that was the cherry on the cake.

I think of all the years, I have grown up the most during the last one year. Went through my pregnancy in a really responsible way (something that I am very proud of). Bringing my daughter in this world in a natural way (to say it was difficult would be an understatement square) πŸ˜› And then when she was just 4 months old, the husband had to go away on work. For 1 month, I stayed all alone with my little one. Easier said than done. Handling the house and the baby without a proper night’s sleep would put any multi tasker to shame!
And then, I had to join office. I have been driving almost a 100 kms on most days to office and back.
Also, I have been doing all the running around for getting our documents, passports and visa done to visit him soon. I think I have never packed in so much action in  the last couple of years as I have in these couple of months.

Leaving you with a picture of the little one wishing me a Happy Birthday. In her own style, of course πŸ˜‰

“Mommy, sure you want me to do this?” πŸ˜‰

The Birthday Diaries!

I turned an year older recently. Time to celebrate the beginning of a new one? Or to grieve the loss of one? I didn’t do either. I have never been too big on birthdays. Going berserk and celebrating and partying is not my style. The idea of a single day to commemorate an entire year doesn’t go down too well with me. We grow with each passing day. Shouldn’t we be doing our favorite things everyday? Reading, meeting family and taking vacations? πŸ™‚

But that doesn’t mean anything because H won’t let the day go by as easily. He makes sure to make it special one way or the other. I love exploring new places, and so the last 2 years we just did that. We took vacations. I wrote about the first one, but never got around to writing about the vacation last year. We had gone to Amritsar and then the picturesque Mcleodgunj. This year, somehow, no plans materialized. The day was completely unplanned and we had just decided to take a leave from office and then decide on the day what we wanted to do.

We met both sets of parents and H‘s side of grand parents. Then went shopping and bought some stuff that we needed. Had my sweet cousins give us a surprise late evening as they dropped by and we cut the cake before 12. Again.

As for the gift, this is the best that a bibilophile like me could have asked for. Isn’t H a sweetheart? πŸ™‚

From my to-read list!
An angry-birds reading light! πŸ˜‰

Since M (the twin) is in US this year, the birthday cake was cut with the other half watching from skype.
Here goes the twins’ birthday cake and the skype session πŸ™‚

Another one for the day! (courtesy my super awesome office friends)
 This completely unplanned birthday threw up some really unexpected surprises. Like every year, it was a day well spent with wishes from friends and family flying in from all parts of the world. The FB wall was inundated, so was the mail box and the phone was kept ringing. Thank you God for making me feel so blessed year after year πŸ™‚ Thank you much!

Happy Birthday to me – 2012

For all its worth, this could definitely be my last birthday celebration on this earth. That is if the latest date of world doom according to the Mayan text is to believed (Dec 21, 2012). But then I was never big on birthdays anyway. I am not really the kind of person who would go out and throw a huge lavish party or drink the night away doing crazy stuff, and then make the next day unbearable. Unlike last year when I took an entire week off to visit a couple of cities, this year was way quieter. But that’s only metaphorically. Because going by the gifts He has been gifting me this month, the celebrations look far from over. The gifts started pouring in as soon as last month when I won myself a lot of goodies from the blogger meet, including a brand new phone.

This year, H took me to this pub called Qba in Delhi, where there was a stand up comedy act. And boy, was it funny! We laughed our guts out for close to one and a half hours. I laughed till my sides hurt, my eyes had tears rolling down and I had spilled my drink twice over my new dress.So that was a great way to usher the birthday in, laughing and rolling.

The major part of the day went by quite uneventful because of the unbearable hot weather. In the evening we did go out and as many of you would already know that I have a twin sister M, went to meet her. We cut the cake and spent some great time together cracking jokes and fooling around.

I got a couple of gifts from the family which were very sweet. I also got 2 books from my office buddies. Needless to say, I was overjoyed! Can there be any better gift than that? Thank you besties πŸ™‚


And then came the best news of the day.
I won the third prize for my entry for the Lakme Indiblogger contest.
And I have won myself a cool Amazon Kindle. Isn’t that great? I am ecstatic and on top of the world.

Dear God,
Where ever you are, I just want to say a Big Thank you for showering me with so many gifts this year. There is absolutely nothing more that I can ask you for. You have been so great to me. It just makes me feel that I am doing something right. I hope I can continue doing it and we can carry on happily with our awesome relationship dynamics ;-))