The party update!

And so, we cleared our first test as hosts with flying colors. The little one’s party went off well without any hitch. It feels really nice to have planned the party, and all its smaller details like selecting the venue, menu, getting the cake designed, the decoration done and selecting a photographer, all within our budget. And all this amidst the normal routine of going to office, taking care of home and the little one, and having caught a bad viral infection myself.

The little one, as expected, had a blast on her birthday. She is quite a social bee and enjoyed all the attention she got from everyone present. She didn’t mind the numerous photo ops or just about anyone picking her up and having a conversation. She obliged everyone with a smile and some of the smaller kids with a shout and shove too 😛 Quite a badass she is that way 😉

But, as of now, I won’t be sharing any pictures here, or on FB, as S has caught a really bad infection just a day after the party. We have had to rush her to the doc last night at 1. Till date, I have not been much into this “nazar” thing and all….but now I think I have. I believe “usko nazar lag gyi hai“. Go on and judge me if you like. But such a high fever, exactly after the party makes me think that way! And the pictures would mean more oohs and aahs. So let’s wait for her to get well and then may be we can see my gorgeous precious 🙂



The little one has become quite an entertainer these days. She has been naughty right from the beginning, but now with babbling words in the mouth and actions that she picks up and the crawling, she is a treat to watch. Even though at sometimes you can call certain actions gross too.

She likes to eat her vomit 🙁 I would have never believed this had I not seen her doing it. She was playing after lunch and suddenly vomitted a little of the food. Before I could reach her she had put her hands in the mess and had almost put those hands in her mouth. Ewwww. Don’t even try and picture it. She has repeated this several times till date!

Also, she has become quite an attention seeker. The husband and I call her “chep” ( sticky in English). Coz every time we go out in the tram, she has to talk. Most of the times, there is some nice lady/guy who says Hi to her and then she says Hi and then they smile and laugh until one of us has to alight. But there have also been times when no one has looked at her or spoken to her. So randomly she looks around and starts staring at whoever catches her fancy. Then she will wave her little hand to say Hi and smile or laugh. Needless to say, any normal person will melt at such cute antics of a kid directed at them. Only we know she does it with everyone 😉 Quite a social bee she is abhi se.

And then there is the toilet story. She doesn’t like Mommy, I.e. yours truly, to close the door when using the restroom. Initially she would run towards the restroom as soon as I opened the door. Then she resorted to crying after I went in. Then one day she sat outside the door and screamed at the top of her lungs. Also she kept me locked inside for a whole 10 minutes because she just wouldn’t budge from the door and let me open it 🙁 So now, you can guess how the truce has been reached. Mummy either keeps the door open or takes her inside. Sigh 🙁

The cutest of the lot is her love for our food. She always wants to eat what we eat. So most of the times I keep her food in my plate and make her believe 😉 But every time there is even a slight sound of a plastic bag, she drops everything and runs towards me. For her that sound means a bag of chips being opened or a candy being unwrapped. The urgency on her face when she comes running towards me is just priceless 😀
It also means that at 9.5 months, she has made her parents eat chips and candies like a thief 🙂


Motherhood and growing up!

When I first broke the news of my motherhood on the blog and Facebook, I was inundated with congratulatory calls and messages. I read through all of them “Congratulations” “wow she is an angel” etc. and some new mommies also threw in some advice and their own experiences.

So many people have this habit of writing angle when they mean angel. I mean, is it really that difficult?? Also, pregnancy and motherhood are a magnet for a barrage of unsolicited advice. Phew!! Anyway, I digress.

So coming back to the point. There was a comment from a dear college friend. If I were to quote her, this is what she said “I know and relate to everything you have talked about. While everyone tells you about how beautiful your life will get after you have a baby, no one prepares you for the emotional tide one goes through and more so, on how suddenly you have to ‘grow up’.” She is the mother of a wonderful girl herself.

When I had read this comment, I was still in the high of being a new mother, and couldn’t ever get enough of my pretty princess. But with time, every new day, I have realised the truth in her words. So simple, but so true. Here I was, a girl, a woman of this world just 3 months back. And one day, I have an infant dependent on me 24×7.  I became a mother. But that’s not the thing that changes your spirit overnight. It’s the people around you.

Suddenly you are not allowed to make mistakes. You have got to be perfect all the time. Nobody realizes that might be a 27 year old woman, but only a 3 month old mother. Everybody assures me they are well meaning. I agree, but please, could we hold thy advice horses please?

And then there’s the husband who has also graduated to be a father. All dreamy eyed and in an obsessive love relationship with the kid. Cannot have enough of him/her. But hello, I am the mother of your kid. Wasn’t I also the same girl you fell in love with? Your girlfriend, and consequently your wife before I became a mother.

Suddenly I realize I have to grow up. I have to relinquish the place I had in his heart. I have to step aside to make place for her. And still smile and be happy at being sidelined. Now, I am not the one who is the most pampered and the one who is spoiled rotten. It’s her. Am I jealous? Of course. He was all mine before he became all hers. But I guess that’s how the cookie crumbles in this game. Or is it?

(Un)Learning ?

I am going to be a 2 month old mother. Little S is growing up fast and naughty. Everyday I think of things I will teach her, activities that I will do with her as she grows up. We, as adults think of  infants as these tiny fragile things who are incapable and helpless for just about everything. That we need to teach them anything and everything. How wrong could we be?

Little S Is a demanding kid. When she wants something she wants it. Now how on earth am I supposed to know what is it that she wants? All she does is cry. But even these tiny little people know how to get their message across. They have different styles of crying. Soft sounds which might be a warning, medium pitched crying by which time you should ideally be on your toes, and finally the high voltage wails which if you haven’t heeded the first two types of cries. God gave them only one weapon to start their journey. And boy, do they use it well.

These little people are just like animals in so many ways. No pun intended. Their sensory skills are so sharp. Don’t they just surprise you when you put them down on the bed and lo, surprised wondering eyes greet you. And this is when you have been rocking them for the past half hour or more and you are busy congratulating yourself for the good work done. They can differentiate between the softest cradle and their parents’ arms. I know I know. All you new mums like me are nodding your heads and smiling 🙂

As we grow up, we rely so much on what the eyes see and what the ears hear. As we grow, we gradually forget or unlearn how sensitive and initutive we were, once. And that makes me think, I have so much to learn from little S rather than the other way round….isn’t it?


I had never thougt motherhood would feel like so many different things. I had thought it was just a feeling of mush and love and care for your child. But that is another notion that I have just tossed into the bin after becoming a mother myself. I am not even sure I can call myself a mother yet. The feeling hasn’t sunk in.

The moment s was born (after a 16 hr labor), the only thing that my mind and heart wanted to do was a jig on the labor room chair. But of course, only in spirit. Later when she was handed over to me for the first time, I was filled with wonder and amazement. This was the little person H and I had made. She is beautiful and I felt proud. And then happened the first night with S when we brought her home. I remember how the whole night passed between feeding sessions, changing nappies and cleaning a soiled bottom. In between these frenzied activities, a moment or two of catching breath, I asked myself a tad frustrated, “is this motherhood?”

Of course, motherhood is this and a lot of other things that I discover every day. Emotions range from ecstasy to uncontrolled pride and mush to sleelplessness and irritation. Am I enjoying motherhood? In the day, yes. Not so much in the night 😉 But it’s definitely an experience worth having.

Having doubts about having a baby? Go on..make one. Trust me you won’t regret it 😉