I invites Inspiration

Inspiration to do something that benefits our own self, someone else or the society is always welcome. But as we grow older, and may I add, cynical, inspiration is difficult to come by. We don’t trust anyone with good intentions because he is, of course, trying to fool us. A person with bad intentions needs no excuse. And for people like me, who are huge procrastinators, sometimes inspiration strikes and even leaves before the likes of us move a muscle.

In more than 3 years of blogging, I have not participated in any blogging challenges or writing prompts. I have always gony by the “I will write when I have something to say” principle. But I know that somewhere deep inside, I didn’t believe in the challenges or writing prompts. I didn’t think they would give me anything in return. But as usual, we learn our lessons hard.

After the birth of my little one, I had very little time left for myself and that time was needed to bathe, eat, poop and get some sleep. And, oh yes, blogging too. My head buzzing with ideas and rants and things to say, but no time or inspiration to write. And that’s why the cynical me, very hesistantly, signed up for the A to Z blogging challenge. I had no idea how I would do it.

But this has got to be one of my best decisions ever. All you guys writing everyday and visiting the blog and giving your precious feedback has been such a catalyst and morale booster. I have discovered so many new and wonderful blogs and people. Everyday I look forward to the next day’s letter and think about what to write. It has not only gotten me excited and happy, but has also brought on a little discipline in my life as far as writing is concerned. I know that even if I don’t have time for anything else, I have time to write my post for the day because I love it.
Thank you guys for all the love and importantly, the inspiration 🙂


H hails the Heart!

It’s always funny when it’s happening to someone else. And in matters of the heart, it’s always melodramatic. But then it happened to me. And it was no longer funny or dramatic.

When I fell in love with my husband a couple of years ago, I was all rosy eyed. Like it happens with the first real love. Head over heels type. I had never thought I could love someone so much. It was like I had given him a piece of my heart. He could make me happy, sad, anxious, angry, anything. He could play with my heart. I had willfully given him the permission. And every gesture was love. And then we got married 😉

When we spoke of children, I always thought of them as people who would come in our way. In between us love birds. I always sneered at those who said that children brings the couple closer. Or that a child can melt your heart, can you make you do the impossible yada yada. I was cynical of those statements. I was too cool for those emotions.

And then, 4 months back, our darling daughter entered this world. And today, I feel silly for the cynicism. I feel all those things are, infact, understatements. There is no way I can describe my love for this tiny being. Someone who is always demanding, crying, throwing tantrums and yet, she has the biggest space in my heart. It’s like a piece of my heart is out there for the world to see and admire. So beautiful but so vulnerable. And so easy to hurt. No wonder women are such a huge pile of emotions and mush.


G grasps Grammar!

There are two types of people in this world. People who don’t write and people who are bloggers/writers/authors. Most of you reading this, save a few belong to the second category. We all write because we have something to say. Or maybe, a lot to say. We have an opinion on everything. Some of us think alike, while others may have contrasting views. But what really differentiates each of us from the other are our writing styles.

The content that we churn out each day is a combination of our thought process and the command over the language in which we write. The point is how well we can put our thoughts on paper. Now, most of the bloggers I know and read are creative people and have a lot of ideas and thoughts and opinions about anything and everything under the sun. But. The similarity ends there. There are a lot of people I read who have a lot of grammar issues. And quite frankly for me, all the beauty of your thoughts takes a walk because wrong grammar just kills the whole essence. It’s like one of those “Mata ke bhajans” that are sung on popular Bollywood numbers. Good intention but bad presentation.

This debate has long been to death. And I have also heard a lot of people say that writing should not be held by barriers of language or grammar. Creativity is all that matters. They might be right in their own way. But for me, wrong grammar makes “Let’s eat, grandpa” into “Let’s eat grandpa”. And I don’t like grammar killing the grandpa 😉

Am I a grammar Nazi? I think yes. I am also one of those girls who are completely put off by wrong grammar. I am also one of those girls who silently corrects people’s grammar while reading and talking !!

By the way, did you know that March 4 is celebrated as National Grammar Day? How lame! Pretty much like celebrating Woman’s day once a year. Occasions defniitely worth celebrating every single day of our lives…isn’t it?

F Forgives and Forgets?

How many times have we not heard this old age adage? But how many of us truly believe on it? Or to put it more correctly, how many of us really follow it? It is one of those self help techniques, which are way easier said than done, isn’t it?

What does forgiveness mean to you? That when someone realizes their mistake, you should let go? Or even if that someone does not realize their mistake, you be the bigger person and let go? And either way, even of of you can forgive the person, can you really forget? Unless you have the memory span of a goldfish 😉

I, for one, can’t forget people who I know still stand by their doing , something which is wrong for me. Of course, that could be a difference of opinion. But there are differences of opinion that you can live with and move on and there are some which become a bone of contention. And there is no point in being the bigger person in such cases because it’s going to happen over and over. And ultimately you are going to have a one on one with that person. Why not do it the first time around and save yourself much heartburn? ?

And speaking of forgetting, unpleasant experiences of any kind have a habit of staying in howsoever small crevice of your  memory. It never really goes away. I believe there is an irony in the statement itself. What it really means is that in reality, you aren’t going to forget, so forgive and move on like it never happened. Pretty close to forgetting, right?

But my point is, can you really ever forgive if you can’t forget?


E emotes Emotional!

Like the 2 sides of a coin, every decision in life comes with its pros and cons. Or to put it in context, 2 sets of emotions. The husband is flying out of country tonight for work. While we are elated at the news because it is an opportunity for him to grow in his professional life, it also means a disturbance in our personal lives because of the separation. This time, doubly hard, because of the kid involved 🙁

We have been separated by the long distance before. And I have been known to bawl my eyes out a week before the departure. And these were just intercity separations. I had no idea how I was going to fare this time. Different country and all. But as I bade goodbye to my sweetheart with a smile on my face, I felt like I have grown up. I was sad and I was tensed. Being with a 4 month old, all alone for the next 30-40 days isn’t child’s play. Pun intended 🙂 But the responsibility of the child did not weaken me. Infact it strengthened me to take it up head on. Motherhood and it’s learnings never stop I guess.

I have always wondered how our emotions shape our entire life, from our careers to our families. Because how we react to situations depends on our emotional quotient and our reactions to situations shapes our life. Most of us carry so much emotional baggage all the time. And sometimes, despite knowing the pitfalls of it, we can’t help but give in to it.

Because our IQ is just the tip of the iceberg!

But today, I surprised myself. Not a tear. A smile 🙂 And a prayer for his safety and success. Emotional intelligence, here I come 🙂