Z zips Zero!

I have often written about my love of numbers. No wonder, my favorite subject throughout school and college was Mathematics. And so, when it came to the last letter of the challenge, I just had to do a Zero 🙂

Zero is a very interesting concept. It holds no value. It is nothing. Zilch. Yet, it is very important in the scheme of things. It signifies absence, or the presence of nothing in this world of somethings. Even though it has no value, yet when multiplied with the biggest number, can turn it to zero. But when you add zero to any number, the number just stays the same. Zero is pretty much like vacuum. It signifies the presence of nothing, which in turn explains a lot of things around us.

In our scheme of worldly things, zero is pretty downgraded. Anyone who is supposedly running behind in the rat race is termed a zero. I find the analogy bizzare. Zeroes are pretty powerful, aren’t they? Remember the multiply part? Even in life, we should be glad of our zeroes.
Zero sadness
Zero tragedy
Zero health problems
Zero loans etc

Because if anything, zeroes don’t take anything from our lives. Unless, we insist on multiplying a zero to everything we have and making life inconsequential. Enjoy life. Don’t regret a zero in your life. It is there for a reason. Enjoy what you have. Because one day, the survival rate of each of us is going to drop to a Zero 😉


Y yells Yahoo!

I could not think of a better topic to write about as we reach the fag end of the A-Z blogging challenge, and my first one at that. It is indeed very amusing to me that in the almost 4 years of my blogging, I had never dared to sign up for it before. I didn’t think I would be able to write everyday. I didn’t think I would have enough material or enough will to sustain.

And look when I finally found the strength and conviction to do it? When I was home bound with my 4 month old, all alone! Mind it! With the husband out of the country, my days and nights just go by between her naps and feeding and diaper change and play time. And yet, every night, after putting her to bed, I sat all groggy eyed in front of the laptop to write for the next days’ post. Knowing completely well, that I was typing away goodbye to more than an hour of sleep when my God knows how much of every minute I needed it.

This A-Z challenge has not only been a blogging challenge for me, but a challenge for real. The first time in life when I felt like a grown up with responsibilities. But I am glad, the practical grown up me made way for the headstrong younger me who wanted to finish the challenge in style, come what may. I am very impressed with myself, to say the least. Modesty be damned! I think I deserve to say it to myself. And I am also happy about the fact that I have not really done any cheat posts as I had thought I would if I didn’t find time or an interesting topic. Like just a photo post or something that didn’t require me to write or spend any time. And so, I have also done justice to my writing throughout the challenge.

So let me just go ahead and say it again.. YAYYY YAHOOOOO !!!!! 🙂


X Chromosome!

During my pregnancy last year, the one question that we kept asking ourselves and each other all the time was, “What do you think it would be? Boy? Or girl?” Sex determination tests are banned in India to curb the menace of female infanticide. And so, even though we did our customary scans from time to time, we could never figure out the sex of the baby. We even tried asking the doctors but to no avail. In retrospect, it is a good thing if the practice of not revealing the gender is being followed religiously across the country.

There were lots of guesses. Friends and family took guesses based on their own experiences, the old midwives’ tales like the shape of the stomach, glow on the face etc. There are also a couple of Chinese zodiac quizzes which try to determine the baby’s gender taking into account the conception month, and symptoms the mother-to-be is facing like morning sickness etc. In my case, everything turned out accurately wrong. Everyone told me it would be a boy. All the Chinese tests said it would be a boy. And, so when the D-day arrived, and when I finally delivered my bundle of joy, I immediately just wanted to know what it was. We had waited long enough. But again, I had to wait a good 15 minutes before my X-chromosome (girls are XX and boys are XY) was brought and shown to me. And I remember giving her a giddy sweet long smile.
I know, for every parent, their child is the most beautiful, the sweetest and the best. Needless, to say, I love love love my X-chromosome. She is beautiful, she is smart and incredibly naughty. After I have had her, I can’t even imagine what it would have been like to have the Y chromosome 😉 I can’t imagine a life without her. We were happy before we had her. Now, it’s euphoria 🙂
My X chromosome 😀

W worthy of Worth!

There are some relationships that are absolutely worthy of every feeling you have felt while being in them. Be it love, anger, anxiety, suspicion or plain hatred. Friendship is one such.

I have often shared my feelings about my besties N and S in this space. I have had numerous fights with them over the years, but we also go back at least 10 years or more. They are as good as family. They know where I come from, my thought process, my triumphs and my weaknesses. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that I would feel completely lost without them.

But today I want to write about my gang of friends who worked with me in my last organisation. I don’t agree that it was coincidence that brought us together. We all must have been related somehow in our last birth. We were destined to meet in this birth. And so, the huge gang of us, from all possible corners of the country Delhi, Harayana, Kolkata, Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai and Hyderabad met in the organisation we all worked in back then. We hit it off instantly. When we all would get together, there would nothing be but laughter and more laughter until our cheeks hurt or we had tears running down our eyes. And our night outs were legendary. We would all gather at anyone’s place without any agenda as to what we would do that night. But every single time, the night would fall short, but not our session of leg pulling, dancing and making merry.

Slowly things changed. People left. People got married. Some went onsite. Today most of us are in different organisations and in different locations as well. But we try to keep in touch through Facebook and Whatsapp. Of course, the chemistry is no where near what it used to be. But last night, suddenly it was decided to connect via video chat. So at a very short notice, 5 of us, did. Two from US, one from Dublin, another one from Bangalore and yours truly. The one hour that we spent laughing last night brought back all those memories. The best part is, whenever we talk, how much ever time may have passed in between, we can always just pick up from there and move on. Most of us have gotten married now. Some of us have had babies, like yours truly, some are on the way and others will have, in the future. I realize how far we have come. And yet, nothing seems to have changed.

All of us make new friends all the time. But not all friendships stand the test of time. And so this post is dedicated to all my “Freakos” (as we like to call ourselves) who are fun, who are mad, who are there and who are not there. We have had an amazing journey so far. No matter what happens tomorrow, I want to tell you guys how amazing you all are. A big big thank you for making this life worthwhile with your presence and your infectious energy and your support 🙂

This relationship is worthy of all the super things I have ever felt when I am with you guys! Jai Ho Freakos!

That’s almost all of us! 😀


V values Valentine!

I know many people, including myself, who are not a big fan of “days” like the Valentine’s, Mother’s, Father’s etc.
Why choose a single day to express love when you can do it any time and any day of the year? And better still, all the time and all the days of the year. I was pretty cynical too. But this year, I got a reason why such days are celebrated.

This was our first Valentine’s day after the birth of our daughter. But as first time parents, we were dealing with our own struggles – some personal family issues, a demanding 2 month old and a recovering mother i.e. yours truly. All these didn’t really give us any space or time to even think about celebrating the V day. I had become way too cynical. It seemed to me that these days were celebrated by people who had the time and energy and do it. And not really the people with real problems at hand.

The husband got me a spa reservation at a five star and informed me only in the morning of V day so that I could not cancel as I was wont to do because of the work pressure. He not only helped me finish the chores, but drove me to the place, took care of the baby while I enjoyed my full body massage replete with a sauna. Needless to say, I fell short of words. I had not planned anything for him. And he gave me what I really needed. Some alone time, and some pampering.

And that day I realized that V days are not all useless. Even though he might not say the I love you everyday. Sometimes we might not even talk for days altogether. But days like this tell us that it’s not all that bad as it looks. He might still be angry at me for something that I don’t agree with, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t love me. That even though we can say the I love you everyday, but the truth is we don;t. So what better than the Valentines’ to say it and declare it?