Life of Pi | Fan Post

Life of Pi is a book written by Yann Martel. There is a movie by the same name, made by Ang Lee.

I read this book way back in high school. I was so impressed by the book, mainly because I thought how could someone think of something as arbitrary as putting a teenage boy and a Royal Bengal Tiger on a boat stranded in Pacific Ocean. I don’t think I was evolved enough to appreciate Pi’s character except his resilience and intelligence at sea. I loved all the action that happened at sea and how Pi kept himself and Richard Parker alive.

Years later, I went to watch this movie only because I remembered the feeling I had when I read the book. Now, if you have watched the movie, you would agree that the director has done a fabulous job of recreating it. The visuals are so great and that is all thanks to technology. But the way the scenes have been conceptualized is incredible to me.

The book mentions that Pi was hallucinating at one point. But the way it is shown in the movie, how he stares endlessly at a point and the images come and go and overlap until things start or stop making sense – that is so freaking amazing. Or the place where Pi calls out to Richard Parker and  Richard Parker is so tired, but you see the tiger’s back and a little twitch of his ear. There are so many details steeped in that masterpiece that even after watching the movie so many times, I believe, I take away something new each time.

The teenage Pi played by Suraj Sharma is so good. He brings to screen his happiness, frustration, fear, belief in God, his questioning to God so spectacularly.

Irrfan Khan too does a fab job as the narrator and the grown up Pi who narrates his story to a writer. His expressions and emotions seem so apt – so controlled because what he’s gone through for real is the stuff nightmares are made of. And yet, there is a softness and stirring of emotions beneath the surface when he speaks about his parents, girlfriend or Richard Parker.

My most favorite part of the movie is towards the very end when Pi is finishing his story and how when he reaches the shore and watches Richard Parker go away in the jungle “leaving him so unceremoniously”, he says:

“I suppose, in the end, the whole of life becomes an act of letting go. But what always hurts the most is not taking a moment to say goodbye. 

It touches my soul such that I almost always shed a tear at this point.

If you haven’t read the book or watched the movie, you must. Both are a masterpiece in their own right. If have have, do share your favorite scene or quote from the movie.

How to start composting at home

I started composting last year after almost 2 years of being unsure about how to go about it and whether I could do it an apartment. Now that I do it regularly, I feel it’s so simple and easy that I should have started earlier. Anyway..

Now that most of you are working from home, all thanks to #COVID19, it’s the right time to start. The planet needs to breathe. We cannot change our choices dramatically. But at least we can try to send less stuff to landfills. Composting also returns important nutrients to the soil which will again be bearing fruits and veggies for us. So, this is as much for the planet as much for our own selfish needs.

In layman terms, composting is decomposing all of your fruits and vegetables peels into a healthy manure. If I were to describe the whole process in a single line, it would be as simple as “put all your peels together in a box with soil and cover it and let nature do it’s job”. In reality, there are just a few other things that you need to take care of. But once you set up the whole thing, it is as simple as that one line sentence.

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There are a lot of videos available on YouTube that can help you with the process. I learnt from this one.  Also, listing out the steps that I did to start:

  1. If you are in a place where terracotta pots are easily available, buy them. They work best because of their porous quality and are pretty cheap too. 
    Since I was not able to get them as easily, I bought a big 10 gallon container and drilled holes at the bottom.
  2. The holes at the bottom are to let the liquid from decomposition (also called leachate) move out. So make sure you have a bottom container for your compost bin. Pro-tip: Leachate is great food for your plants.
  3. The only other ingredient needed is soil and some dry leaves to maintain the carbon nitrogen ratio. Now don’t get worried thinking about this technical jargon. Once you start and observe your compost, you will learn pretty quickly how wet or dry your compost is. Dry leaves or shredded paper are good options to put in when you have a wet compost.
  4. Collect all your vegetable and fruit peels of a single day in a box. I generally have a dedicated box which I keep filling every time I peel something. Pretty easy once you get used to it. Once the day is over, I turn the whole box into my compost container. 
  5. Put a layer of soil over it to cover it.

You can pretty much put everything in your compost box like fruits peels, seeds, veggie peels, egg shells etc. The only thing that shouldn’t go in your compost bin is meat and dairy.

It’s a good idea to take a spatula and stir the contents of your bin from time to time just to ensure all parts of the bin are getting enough oxygen. But don’t worry too much about it. If you feel this is too much work, don’t get put off by the whole idea. It might take longer, but nature does it’s job pretty spectacularly.

I have been making compost in my apartment since last year. Summer seasons are really good as the decomposition is much faster. It takes a little bit longer in the winter months.

Have any other questions about composting? Drop  a comment and I’ll be happy to respond.

The story of this space

A few people messaged me asking why this new place. Well, how do I say this? Let me try 🙂

Do you all remember your 20s? All the confusions, all the mistakes, all the learning, all the growing up in a single decade? Overwhelming, right? I feel much more settled in my 30s, and I don’t mean it only from a professional or financial point of view. I mean it from a very personal, self centered point of view. I now know which things require my energy and which don’t. I now know how to not let things that I have no control over affect me. I am trying to go with the flow and accept more. No, I am still not perfect. But I know a little bit more.

So, every time I went back to the old blog and tried to write, I couldn’t. I tried reading my old posts and they made me laugh. I was like, “who’s this confident girl doling out all this gyaan?”. That’s definitely not me. I now know I can no longer talk about things in a black and white kind of way. I discuss a lot in the grey areas. And after a lot of introspection, I understood that, that person and that space is not mine anymore. Even though I wouldn’t change a thing about any of it. All of that was necessary for me to be here.

So, with a very loving heart, still preserving that space, it was time to create this space where I am now able to write freely and openly. I don’t feel bound to carry on ‘that’ voice from the 20s. That’s no longer me. 

So, that’s the story of how this space, my another baby was born.


I wrote my first blog post way back in 2010. And here I am , a decade later, writing the same Hello World post again. The only difference being that this time I am writing it on my own website.

I always wanted to make a website for my work, but never got around to do so. Laziness is a virtue that I am not a very proud owner of. Nevertheless, better late than never, here I am.

This website is very new and still under construction. And that’s because I am working on it myself. From buying a domain to setting it up to designing. I am taking it slow but enjoying the process. This is my little project for the COVID-19 quarantine holidays.

So, welcome again. I am so excited to be writing again after a long self imposed hiatus. I am looking forward to interacting with all of you again. Also, look around and let me know your feedback or suggestions about anything.

Until the next time, take care. Stay safe. 

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